Saturday, July 25, 2009

Never Think Kind Gestures Are Forgotten~

Years ago..maybe 23.. an agent worked in my little town..and he treated us to lunch at one of his listed homes.. His wife had made the desserts.. 2 tarts..and I told him how good they were and he beamed with pride and said his wife was such a great baker..I said I would love those recipes~

A few days later.. this was left at my office..
I thought that was so nice..

I have kept them ever since and many a tart recipe has fallen on my way or another.. I have 4 favorites and they are handwritten..Well maybe 8:) But 4 are handwritten..Here are 2 of them..

Many agents have come and gone..and it's natural.. but I have never forgotten this gentleman's name and he left almost right after..I hope they are well and happy..
I've just never forgotten this:)

Yesterday I made the second one.. halving the measurements on the right..and using even less of butter..I am not quite sure that 1.5 lbs of flour equal 2 cups;) A small error.It should read 3 cups :)It's a typo ..I am sure..

Just a plain delicious crust .. w/ fresh figs and strawberries.. pistachios.. and sugar..

A tiny bit of sugar.. because I did add a slight brushing of melted white chocolate after the first baking of the seal the crust from the juices of the ripe fresh fruit~

You can serve with ice cream or whipped cream..I also brushed some melted honey ..a a glaze after baking..
A small thing this little note almost 25 yrs ago.. but nevertheless.. never forgotten~


  1. Handwritten recipes from family and friends are always my favorite. I have a handwritten book of recipes my younger sister wrote out for me when I was first married, thirty years ago. I love seeing her handwriting on those little recipe cards. It makes those recipes taste that much better, I think!

    That tart looks amazing, Monique. The next time I see figs in the store, I will purchase them just for this tart. Yum!

  2. Good morning, Monique~
    This one really touches my heart. An agent taking the time to do something special, listen to a request and then dropping it by for your enjoyment ~ Kind hearted person, not easy to forget.

    I love figs as you know, so I will have to give this one to my husband (he's the baker) to bake for us sometime soon.

    Thank you for sharing these special recipes.

  3. Perfect! I can just imagine a slice of that tart with a generous dollop of cream-cheese....beautiful photographs :)

  4. Oh Monique...My grandmother (whom I adored) was a wonderful cook, (Norwegian), and I learned much from her before she died. I have many recipes in her hand and cherish them...I think of her when I make certain dishes and miss her so. They are the best recipes...the hand written ones.
    I attempted the Sage Cornbread last evening...the smell was heavenly and we both enjoyed it with a roasted chicken and a bottle of Sangria. At dark we gathered with the neighbors and their young children for Smores at the Bonfire...such fun! Have the best weekend my friend, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. Oh-h-h, what a nice story! I'm going to revisit some of those handwritten recipes....after I make yours ;-)


  6. Such a lovely story (and a gorgeous tart!)

    J'dore the extra touches you added ~ I've brushed the interior of the crust with melted dark chocolate but never white ~ that's brilliant!

    Beautiful post, as always Mme. Magical. xo

  7. OMG, I think this is the best tart I have ever seen in my whole life!

  8. What a wonderful, touching story! :)

    That tart is beautiful beyond words. I especially love the figs!

  9. What a heart-warming story. Lovely memories in a beautiful tart!

  10. Oh my gosh. I just licked the screen. I did, I did!! This tart looks fabulous! Your pictures are beautiful as always!

  11. I hope you'll try it..the crust is like a cookie,,w/ fruit on top:) Thank you..

  12. That strawberry and fig tart looks so good!

  13. I love the addition of the pistachios! I love their color and their taste and so beautiful paired with strawberries and figs.

    What a kind client!

  14. THis looks like a bouquet. I love the colors in this. Just beautiful.

    I will try this tart. I have been trying all sorts of tart shells this summer to find a favorite. I think I will try yours next.

    How nice that person was.