Friday, July 10, 2009

When You Wish Upon a Star~

You have not deleted ap. 500 of your 3500 European photos..:(

I remember so VIVIDLY our first evening in Gordes..after arriving from Cassis.. initially from the Marseilles airport..We had no idea where to go... what to do.. what to eat.. exhausted from sleep deprivation..jet lag and excitement~we immediatley headed for the glorious town of Gordes and entered a small ,humble..charcuterie,boulangerie..for wine and cheese:)

While J was scouting the wines..I admired the cheese section..w/ goat cheese samples galore~..adorned w/ local herbs and blooms..

I thought..when I come home..I will not use the glaze etc..I usually do w/ my Bries etc..and just make them au naturel like here..

I was awestruck..but deleted all my photos:( ....of that week and I don't know how!

But the mind is a wonderful photographer:)

And I was able to recreate my moment..I did add a drizzle of honey I must admit..although I LOVE the look of goat cheese.I have to enhance it to love it's taste:)

It's a thing of beauty..there..

I have a nice long log of it for a few salads I wish to make..

I sliced off a few pieces.. dipped the edges in "Herbes De Provence" (but of course:) ) and topped w/ a beautiful antique pansy from my daughter's pesticide free gardens.. drizzled w/ honey..and le tour est joué!..

Even Jacques said.. that is so pretty..
Anyone can do it~

Have fun..
W/ baguette..the habanero jelly even..:)

Makes No Difference Where You Are~


  1. you already know this was my favorite...

    how did you delete pics? are you sure, they could be lurking in a hidden folder in your camera still~

  2. It's just that I remember taking photographs those 2 first days..and I cannot find them:(

    It could be my mistake too's just so vivid in my memory!

  3. What a lovely trip! So sad about the missing pictures, though :(

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, and that I've given you a little award on my blog. Thanks for all of your fun posts!

  4. And what a beautiful re-creation! You do have a vivid memory. So pretty. Love the plate and the knife.

  5. Monique, I'm sure the picture you are remembering couldn't be as beautiful as your recreation. Parfait!!!!

  6. I confess I do not love the taste but I love your photos and memory of it. It's the memories that will last forever.

  7. I do so enjoy coming to visit you at your blog. Such beautiful pics. It is a happy place.

  8. Goat cheese is a staple for me, although it took a while to acquire the taste for was not love at first bite!

    Lovely post!


  9. Beautiful! Cassis was the first place we touched French soil and I had my first passion fruit gelato :)

    The antique pansy is gorgeous. I would definitely have to gaze upon that beautiful cheese for quite a while before enjoying it with baguette or hmmm, maybe salad.