Friday, July 24, 2009

Herbs and Flavors~

My neighbour lent me this book..And many beautiful photos caught my eye..
But a sage cornbread in particular was a coup de coeur for me..
I made it when she came for dinner~

I made it in a springform and wondered about the imprint of the base and sure enough my woman's intuition was right so next time I will not make it in a springform..I'll use larger sage leaves and add lots of chopped sage to the cornbread..I'll serve w/ garlic butter.I love sage..cornbread and garlic it works..and it's so very pretty when you unmold..And SO easy!

It makes a very pretty country presentation on the table also..

La Recette~

Sage Feta Cornbread

1 tbs softened butter for the pan
18-24 large sage leaves
3/4 cup stone ground cornmeal
1 cup all purpose flour
2tsps baking powder
2 tsps sugar
1/2 tsp fine salt
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk 1/4 cup evoo
1 cup crumbled greek feta..

Preheat oven to 400 ..Smear butter on pie plate and arrange sage leaves decoratively.
Save ap 6 pieces of sage to slide into the sides horizontally
Mix dry ings.. and wet ings.. gradually mix both together..add the feta.

Pour into plate..
Bake ap 25 mins until top springs back..Cool a bit then flip while still warm and serve~

From: The Herbal Kitchen, by Jerry Traunfeld


  1. Ohh I must make this one! I know you don't like the little imprints from the springform, but I like them very much!

  2. I am copying la Recette right now... and I do like the springform pan marks on the bread. I think it gives a beautiful texture I don't think it takes away from the sage leaves at all...only enhances them. Your "Movie Star" grandson with the sun glasses on is soooo Handsome indeed!...I am still enjoying the Lavender post in my mind, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. I, too, like the imprint the springform pan left on your bread. I love the layout of the sage leaves - just gorgeous, Monique.

  4. Looks beautiful, can't wait to try it! What would you recommend serving with a sage cornbread? Thanks!

  5. It's soo pretty Monique! Your attention to detail is impeccable (and beautiful, too.)

    You know me, I would LOVE this combination of flavors. :) I hope to make it someday. Thank you for sharing the recipe. The book looks fabulous, too. xo~m.

    p.s. Adorable photo of L. in the LTdN "shades"... soo cute!!!

  6. oh i love the pattern, it looks like a sage quilt~ and of course l cracked me up!

  7. Thank you!

    When my neighbor /friend came for dinner I served w/ a pasta.. I took a lot of small cherry tomatoes and halved them..added garlic..olive oil, french shallots and salt and pepper,lots of fresh basil..freshly grated parmigiana.. and evoo..I let this stand in a mixing bowl from noon till dinner..It forms it's own delicious fresh tasting sauce..
    Uncooked..the flavors meld together beautifully almost like the first bruschetta I ever tasted~

    Later.. just before serving..

    Cook your linguini or favored pasta al dente ..simply toss it

    with the mixture.. and serve w/ additional freshly chopped basil and parmigiana..It seemed to work well for us..

    It's just so pretty that it could almost go w/ anything:) Please Google the book..the photo in the book itself is a million times more inspirational!:) And you will land on it..~

    With BBQ meals also.. Hope you like it..remember to add fresh sage to the batter if you like a more pronounced taste..I do:)

  8. I like the imprint on the bottom -- I thought "how clever" . . . this is a favorite book of mine and his first one is as good if not better plus it has loads of herb lore in it as well.

    I've cooked some from it but have yet to make this cornbread -- looks yummy and summery and I will make it next time I have company.

  9. How Lovely! I find that herbs in baked goods add a new dimension and a burst of flavor. Wonderful!

  10. I love cornbread and know I would love this! How pretty with the sage leaves. It would have tasted wonderful with the game hens this past week ;)

  11. I've missed stopping by this week and seeing "what else" you've got going on in your kitchen....what an inpsiration your are!

    Just got back from Santa Barbara's Farmers' Market....awesome!

  12. Like many others who left comments, I like the imprints on your cornbread :) I thought they gave texture to it. Lovely food you make, as usual.

  13. Hi Monique,
    The sage cornbread looks tasty. I shall have to give it a try, thank you for the recipe. I received my Szechuan peppercorns today via Fedex - yay! Now, what shall I make? Bad me I need to remember how to spell that word, I think another way is Sichuan? I'm going to have a look around your blog this weekend and see what you put your lovely pepper in here. You should see the container they came in... very unattractive, not at all like yours shown here. I shall be on the hunt for something pretty to put them in over the weekend too. Have a wonderful weekend and merci beaucoup for your very kind comments today about my petite studio. I always love to hear from you.

  14. Nana, (I'm Nonna) I have to tell you how happy I am to have found you, though I remember not how. It is so enjoyable to read your blog. Thank you for it. It is also fun to follow you around and watch you cook.

  15. What wonderful are so amazing!

    I have purple sage growing in my garden and my family and I love cornbread...I'll try this, it just looks so appetizing. I also vote for the texture of the spring form pan marks.

    Have a great weekend!


  16. Good morning and's nice to be able to come across something others may like too..
    We had an excellent dinner at my neighbours last night I wish I had my camera~

    Hi Tracie..the peppercorns I use mostly in General Tao..I hope you enjoy them they pop:) Almost in your mouth:)Pop rocks for adutls..~
    In your home you must have many many containers that would show them off:)

  17. Oh gosh nana, that cornbread looks fabulous! Sage is one of my favourite herbs! It looks so pretty baked into the top of that bread!

  18. I also like the imprint on the bottom! Beautiful!

  19. Oh Monique, I so love corn bread and the idea of cornbread with sage and feta, well I'll just have to try that. You even make cornbread look pretty.

  20. I'm also liking the imprint from the springform. It's a special cornbread and it almost gives it a 'signature'... My husband and I like a simple, uncooked tomato 'relish' over pasta. I usually save that recipe for the summer months, but I found some very decent off season tomatoes yesterday and I'm planning on that for next week. As always, your photos are magnificent...