Friday, July 31, 2009

Marinated Chèvre~

Watching Laura Calder.. the other night..although it was a repeat..My eye caught something different this time..Last time it was her potatoes baked with bacon and cheese:) This time it was the marinated chèvre~

You will need a sterilized jar~

2 Bay leaves
4 fresh peeled garlic cloves
Olive Oil
Goat cheese
the rind of one lemon

Slice 1 inch thick goat cheese..pack all the ingredients into your jar with the Goat Cheese and top with EVOO..Place in the refrigerator.
Lasts up to one month in the fridge.
Serve w/ baguette,crackers etc..

I used my home grown garlic,thyme and bay leaves..I added a Nasturtium from my garden for the pleasure of seeing it in the jar~:)

I am making another small jar today..In fact I could enjoy making many...I gave this one away.. and I want to tell you if I liked tasting it as much ~


  1. Ohhh, this reminds me of a pickled dish that I haven't made in a long time. Is the taste of this marinated chevre salty or sour? The arrangement is very pretty. Looks like something you can place on your shelf as decoration! I think it will be a wonderful project for my older children to do. Every jar will be unique :)

  2. I love marinated cheese and this one will be delish! Such a beautiful gift for someone...
    joy c. at grannymountain

  3. oh this looks so good... and pretty... and very doable!

  4. I think the Nasturtium made all the difference for the eye but I can only imagine the taste. How beautiful to have a few jars give to friends.. I will try it soon when I have some ME time, xoxo~Kathy~@ Sweet Up-North Mornings... p.s. Left a response to your comment on my blog, Thank You my friend...

  5. How pretty with the nasturtium in the jar. How I wish I liked goat cheese - perhaps I would like it marinated! I could just enjoy looking at it anyway :)

  6. Encore une jolie recette de chez nous... le sud tout proche...

  7. The marinated cheese is a wonderful idea and I must agree with Kathy, a very cool present as well.

    I made another caramelized onion session today this time really with puff pastry, you remember?... I will post it next time. My family love it.

  8. How gorgeous!...and to think I passed on planting nasturtiums this year :-( Perhaps a flowering herb will do. I love the idea and keep chevre on hand most of the time, thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Moi, je craque toujours sur tes belles photos et ce petit chèvre doit être divin..J'aime beaucoup les bocaux qu'on prépare et hop à la faveur d'une soirée, on ouvre, on déguste ce plaisir savoureux...

  10. Anja..I do remember! Anxious to see the new too~
    Eléonora.. mais c'est moi qui craque:)!Tous les jours ! Que vous et Mamina et Hélène sont là!

    Mamina.. merçi pour tout ce que tu m'apprends en beauté!

    Diane..I am still not over your Tour De France..!!!!!To say we ogled and loved from such a distance!!!!And YOU were right there!!!
    Lulu ran around our yard at least 10 times yesterday w/ me waving a blue flag..Saying.."Racers on your mark get set GO "..for Lulu in Le Tour De France!!!~:) He won every time..
    That's the best about being the only participant:) My voice was hoarse though..does that count?:)

    Susan..I am hoping to develop a taste!! I made more Caro left w/ the original..I know they love goat cheese so I thought..perfect!!!
    I will try it soon LittleTeo and let you both know~:)

    Kathy going to read maintenant!:)

    Food with style..yes you DO have that!!!!!

    Thanks Joycee!!!

  11. this looks absolutely lovely! i make my own feta cheese sometime and i have never thought of continuing the process by placing in a jar with all these lovely additions. i must try it!!!

  12. Can not wait to try it - and the nasturtium just made it perfect.

  13. What a fabulous idea and how pretty with the nasturtium showing in the jar! You amaze me!

  14. Ah, ça, c'est un peu de chez moi ! Jolie, la fleur de capucine ! Je prends note ...

  15. So beautiful as usual..sigh..I cld look at that jar forever...the nasturtium adds such a beautiful touch.