Thursday, July 2, 2009

Il Pleut! Il Pleut!!

Never have I seen a summer like this!

Rain Rain Go Away..especially for Noah's First Birthday July 4th!

It's been a challenge... in the garden..

The kitchen has seemed more user friendly this week:)!

I came upon Tartelette's(bowing in reverence here:) )....

recipe from her recent blog..about a friend's Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake~
I had to make it~

It is simply right for summer..more like a mousse than a heavy cheesecake..I made 2... instead of one 9 inch one.. I made a 6 inch one and a 4 inch one..ap..
I froze the 6 inch w/ fingers crossed and we are eating the 4 inch:)

It's a petite thing of beauty.. the almond crust.. the Fraises purée we make.. the new ganache..I learned a lot~ Even making them come to room temp under bowls:)

I thought they looked pretty in the light under the domes:)

In my eyes of course!

My small one rose too high..the other is perfect..this smaller one.. relaxed after baking so it is not as full as the other..but refreshing and wonderful w/ the chocolate and strawberry and cheese and almond mixture..
If perchance you have not happened upon her blog,give yourself the pleasure of a visit.DREAMY.
Like a bite of her cake~

We did have a few hours of respite on Thursday..
And made our way through the wildflowers..

And looked at the sky in search of TREX clouds~

I made believe I saw some.. just to make the minutes last longer:)


  1. I don't know what Trex are but I'm sure I'll learn soon enough :) Cute boys in the wildflowers!

    We have had a very cool season so far - only 2-3 days of hot weather. I am keeping fingers crossed il ne pleut pas tomorrow for our gourmet but there is a chance.

    Those tarts look delicious and so pretty.

  2. Oh that crust looks unbelievably good. My son had every dinosaur known. I saved them all and at 23,he enjoys seeing his old toys.

  3. beautiful cake and I loved that photo in the field of flowers.

  4. Beautiful cake ...beautiful boys...beautiful Nana....

  5. Monique, your blog is just a delight. Love the picture of both boys running through the wild flowers.

  6. Wonderful photography! The cake looks delicious.

    I have a fourth of July baby also..she is turned 26 today!

    Happy Birthday to Noah!

  7. oh that looks sooooooo good, i missed this one! and the boys always look they are playing up a storm in the sunshine! fab fab fab fun and family~