Monday, July 13, 2009

Soul Food #11~

I think I can count the days of full sunshine on one hand!

Maybe I am telling a just seems that way to me;)


  1. Morning my friend...I featured you on my blog this morning... Stop over for some sunshine, Up-North ,xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. rain rain go away, come again so other day... oh wait, thats your real life story!

    well it makes days in the kitchen that much sweeter...

    i know i know, your season is so short~

  3. I know is a strange summer...way too went and cool...

  4. I think I'd take your weather right now - I'm already "spent" by the triple digit heat we're having in my neck of the woods. (Grass is always greener, right?!)

    Lori :D

  5. A new song? ;)

    My J and I were just saying last night was a cool summer it has been for us this year. We need rain now, though.

    Is that Durandii? Very pretty!

  6. You can send some rain our way. We need a little. We've had a gloriously cool and sunny summer so far. I'll send some sun your way.

  7. I'd love to send you our sunshine and heat with high humidity. Really, I don't know what is worse, the heat or the rain. My vegetable garden this year is a mess. Corn pitiful, squash has powdery something aand beans very iffy. But, I am trying to grow large pumpkins this summer and have rigged netting and mops, (you get the picture) around them. On and on but at least I have been able to can pickles. Look at them on my last post.

  8. I guess we always want something else..Actually the rain is calming and's just that all winter we dream of sunshine and warmth.Expectations..that's it~:) have the keenest Clem eye now..Spot on Durandii.

    Donna I will pop over.. and I like the new pic!

    Kathy I loved the entry..and I am anxious to see if you show more of the angels room :)