Wednesday, July 29, 2009

La Cuisine Marocaine~

My new neighbor introduced me to this way of cooking..I have just ordered the first book she lent me that had that fabulous pepper salad~

This week she lent me this one..

She mentioned she had made the Olive/Preserved Lemon Chicken~
I read the recipe.. and perused THAT book's recipe for preserved lemons.. different than the other book..
So I made this book's:) this time.. For Jojo..My Neighbor and I.. 3 jars..

I hope they are as good as the others.. 3-4 weeks will tell:)

Anyway..I was determined to make this new recipe..with my already preserved lemons:)

It was a very different recipe.. Cooking onions first then adding spices I did grind with my coffee grinder..(Cinnamon,ginger,saffron,pepper)the grinder reserved for add the mix to the onions and slather your chicken w/ this paste..The chicken cooks in broth and these spices.. you add olives and preserved lemons.. Coriander(none for J) and parsley..

It simmers for quite a bit..and you turn it 2 or 3 times..I was grateful the butcher had tied the legs and stayed intact~
You simmer it ap 1 1/4 hrs..add the preserved lemons and parsley and olives..and simmer at least another 15 mins until the chicken is done..I then transferred the cooked chicken a pepper couscous to a warmed tagine ..placed it in the warm oven while I reduced the broth/sauce the chicken simmered in..Takes a while:)

So you pick some flowers..

Get the water and wine ready..

And then voilà.. a whole new found way to cook chicken that I love..:)

I preferred it to J..
I thought it was moist and tasty..and I picked at it while saving the rest of the chicken..

The Couscous..I let go:)
I love this way of cooking w/ all the spices~

I hope you all saw this..
I would have loved to be married like this..and I dance like Elaine..On Seinfeld~
This couple..will make it:)
I LOVE THIS me happy:)


  1. Oh I love this! Thank you for sharing :) I love lemons for their sunny, bright personalities .. which seem to perk everything else they are cooked with. I adore how photo 5 mirrors photo 3. Brilliant! And oh, that little heart of lemon rind is pretty beyond words.

  2. this looks so good, imagine what you would do with your own tree... you shame me~

    thanks for the video, you know i loved it too~

  3. This I could eat for breakfast Nana,
    and well good morning!


  4. Monique! This looks just delicious! I've never made preserved lemons - I'm not sure I've even tasted one. I always think they look so beautiful in their jars.

    I can't stop watching that video. You have to know that their marriage is going to be full of fun and joy, right?!

  5. Le citron taillé en coeur c'est la cerise sur le gâteau.

  6. All I know is that I'd LOVE to spend a day with you in your kitchen. You truly inspire women to get back to uhh....real food.....and have fun doing it....

    you're a kindred nana...

    blessings to you - in your kitchen and beyond!


  7. This looks absolutely scrumptious...I am once again amazed. It's so nice when friends and neighbors add to the spice of our lives. You are both lucky....the lemon heart says it all!

    Thanks! Diane

  8. M...beautiful as always...
    I could reach into the screen and take a bite...

  9. Thanks:) I do love learning new things:) I am happy you like to see too:)I never learned younger..
    I only started learning way later:)Maybe that's why it is interesting to me now:)

  10. M, just got back from Quebec City and thought of you :-) I felt like I was in Paris, it was perfection. I will try this recipe, LOVED that video.

  11. I saw that wedding entrance on the news just the other night. It made me smile! They say they have had millions of hits on their You Tube and that the song's sales have skyrocketed. Cute, cute, just like your lemon heart and jars of preserved lemons.

  12. Oh I love chicken tajine with preserved lemon. Yum!

  13. These are absolutely beautiful pictures. It is making my mouth pucker with delight!