Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Grown Garlic~

I cannot say I was over the moon w/ my bounty..but the taste was good:) and it's cute:)

I took advantage of it to make 2 favorite salads lately~

A no egg mock Caesar..

And a Greek Salad~

I truly enjoy both..

The mock Caesar dressing is so easy~

It's all in my head though!

Hellman's Light Mayo

Lemon Juice
Fresh Garlic
Parmesan Cheese
Anchovy paste
Worcesterchire sauce
Salt and Pepper

I start w/ the mayo and then go according to taste..we top it off w/ J's home made croûtons..and his gets an extra sprinkling of real anchovies~Not mine..the paste..suffices:)

And the Greek Salad..

Is all up to you also..

Red onions..
Kalamata olives
Fresh tomatoes
Red peppers
Fresh Garlic

S and P

I combine all and then place on a bed of lettuce~ Top w/ Nasturtiums.. ~

The garlic makes these dishes for me..

and not necessarily mine~

Taken at Twilight:)~


  1. Wow, homegrown! Fruits of your labour. The salads must taste extra special this way :)

  2. there is nothing you do that isn't

  3. Very cute garlic... Photography is excellent! Greek salad is my all time favorite. I always ask for extra olives...Truth be known, I could just eat a bowl of olives. We traveled today and went to the theatre, as we were driving I mentioned to my husband something about your blog and how much I enjoyed it and you. He found that a little odd since we had never met. I told him you can know a person by the photos they take and the words they share...Maybe women are better intuitivley then men in that respect, ANYWAY...If your ears were ringing today...that is why!! Ha!, xoxo~Kathy~ Up-North

  4. Great photos as always Nana! Oh, and the recipes look fantastic as well!

  5. How sweet Kathy!
    I'm sure all of your ears have rung too!!:)

  6. I've loved that mock Caesar dressing since I first tried it several years ago. It's the only one I make now - tried and true.

    I will have to try growing garlic next year! I so enjoyed growing little onions - similar cuteness :)

  7. Garlic - Couldn't live without it! I've never tried to grow it though. Another thing to add to my list. I follow in your footsteps!

  8. Hi! Another great post. I always enjoy your beautiful photos. btw please check out my blog..I left you something if you would like to pick it up. :)

  9. A Caesar Salad without the egg....perfect!

    I bought some fresh garlic at the farmers market last week and am having fun using it...thanks for another idea. You are so inspiring.


  10. I cant wait to have some fattoush with my homegrown tomatoes. Wishing they were here is bittersweet. THe toamotes come and its nearly the end of summer here. ahh. I need to try garlic next year.

  11. I love that you grew your own garlic! How wonderful.

    Thanks for posting your mock Caesar dressing recipe.