Wednesday, July 8, 2009

La Fée aux yeux bleus~

The Blue Eyed she is known here~

This is lavender in my garden..I lost 3 mature plants this year:(But fortunately I still have some left.
It THRILLS me..Like lavender blue gum did when I was young:)No..more.. way more!

Last September~

One day in Provence..

Gordes ... more precisely..I had a dish that sent me to the moon~In a restaurant there..

Poulet au miel de lavande.
I have been trying to perfect it ever since..

I started by making my own honey..well....lavender infused honey..not from scratch honey~:)

I posted it about it a long time ago here..and am due for a new batch..

It is the principal ingredient apart from le poulet in the recipe..

I love this honey! I regretted not buying some there.. and had to come up with a way to have
It worked!

The chicken is delicious..

And I picture myself in Provençal restos when I make it~Jacques rolls his eyes when I say that..But that's how I am.. scents.. aromas.. I remember.

My version is simple..I tried roasting.. w/ herbs under the skin.. basting every 15 mins.. wasn't quite right..

The easiest and most flavorful way to me so far has been this method..

I sauté some French shallots,chopped.. I have fresh garlic on small picks infusing the oil and butter that are sautéeing the 2.. then I add my chicken that I have seasoned generously w/ Herbes De Provence...and a few lavender stems and flowers..

I deglaze w/ white wine..preferably a Vin de Provence~..and add my honey..

I cook the chicken and keep warm on a serving platter in the oven while I reduce the glaze and add a bit more honey..When I plate..I spoon a bit more honey lavender glaze atop w/ a few sprigs and blooms ~

Truth be on and bone in would be even more delectable..but we ae 99% boneless skinless at the last minute~Regardless..C'est bon!

There is NO doubt in my mind where I am at that very first bite~

Now..IF ONLY I had brought home a few CD's of the artists I heard singing..:( Never live w/ regrets~ If you think..I love that music.. when you see an artist selling his music in an open air foire/ brocante/market~ Do It.


  1. You are so right. How many times have I thought - Oh, I'll come back and buy this or photograph that and somehow it never gets done. You have transported me to a lovely place today.

  2. oh how wonderful... you know i adore lavender too. and with honey, extra special... gorgeous post~

  3. OH Honey!!!! That lavender honey chicken walk through was like floating on a cloud....totally transported to a heavenly place!!! Your amazing...Being able to make food do what you tell it has always intrigued me! YOU do it so well! All you need, ( as if you actually NEED anything, Ha!) are the IL DIVO's as back up!!! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North.

  4. I lost a lavender plant as well and I was so sad! Lavender glaze sounds so good.

  5. I can't even imagine what the dish must taste like. Guess I'll have to make my own version. Thank you for a beautiful recipe.

  6. My lavender is just beginning to bloom. The fragrance is intoxicating and soothing.

    Lavender infused honey - heavenly. Beautiful photos too.

  7. I haven't tried honey lavender. I look forward to the day....

  8. I just made lavender honey last week- to drizzle over the figs I'm gathering from our prolific tree in the garden.

    I like the advice...don't have the regret NOt buying the artists music in the open air market!

  9. You've been a busy gal - as usual! My lavender is slow but I do have some ready to pick - this looks wonderful.

  10. Lavender honey is a favorite here...I make an Herb de Provence lavender honey chicken that I love. I've had to watch it carefully and put the honey on at the end of roasting, but I think I'll try your sounds so very good. Thanks!