Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lemon Lavender Gâteau~


Chez nous.. Last night out the back for our first dinner al fresco this season at the bigger table..
At 4pm this aft..I had a cake ready..and a main course and had just baked a sage cornmeal bread, from a book my neighbor lent me:)It was glorious out and I had a bottle of Le Bonheur on ice..
I decided to ask my neighbour for an impromptu meal.She has been working so hard on her gardens..and has just had her home painted.. she was happy at the way it turned out and I thought she might like to see her new home from our home:)~

We had a small Jacque's prosciutto appetizer~
Fresh tomato,basil and garlic pasta..I love the freshness of that just let your cherry tomatoes..evoo,basil,garlic ,s and p..sit for a few hours then add fresh cooked linguini..toss and serve~w/ parmigiano grated on the spot..on the side..some crushed pepperoncinis...

Sage bread..
and Le Bonheur~

Dessert..well ....

I love lemon and I love Lavender..
I had googled..and found so many different recipes..

I just wanted to make a small I combined a few recipes and then halved it..

Basically it's really a lemon yogurt cake.. w/ the usual butter and eggs and flour and lavender~ The glaze is icing sugar and butter and lavender and lemon juice..It just hits the spot~

I sliced 3 small pieces and sprinkled a dusting of additional icing sugar and topped w/ a few sprigs of lavender..
Chamomile tea.. the birds chirping..the clematis blooming~
And a comfy trio.
Lovely evening~

Hope to have a few more evenings out..summer is raining by!

PS I have been very lucky over the past little while to receive sweet awards..Thank you so much..The reason I have not replied in kind is that when I began..I told my friend that I was so flattered but I am not interesting enough to chat about :)..I prefer the subject of you:)And then I could never pick people. I am sending out a virtual award to everyone that has taken the time to leave a nice comment..or that has shared something or that has inspired or made me smile..made me laugh..Amazed me with their talents in cooking, gardening, photography, decorating..being a parent,books,being a nana.I am so new to all of this..I just hope I can keep having ideas..I go back to some blogs that knocked my socks off last year..discovered they had been doing this for years! And wondered where do they get all their ideas?

Some are gone now and some on hiatus and I miss them.I hope to keep being inspired to continue.
I watched the New Food Network Star last night and they told Eddie.. goodbye because they are not his recipes..

I don't think I have ever invented one..I am just part of a wheel that is moving the recipes along while enjoying it tremendously!I would be gone..I am Eddie here:)
Basically..I bake and cook for the pleasure of home..the creative aspect of it..and taking photos!!It's relaxing after work..or before.. we have quite a bit of inclement weather in winter and I prefer it to many other things.I love to learn and all of you are great role models.

You guessed it..I am the person who when she gets an email stating send this to 7 friends and something will happen..I don't..I don't have 7 personal friends that would play along:)
They worry me actually:) My blog list is small..I have gotten to know and favor a few..and they pop up on my screen everytime something is new..I am certain the list will grow..I need time:) To get to know how things really work..
So please know that the awards are cute cute..they make me smile..but the above is about as much as I have to say about me:)
Now if I was in Le Tour De France:)~

La Recette.

1 ½ cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
¼ tsp baking powder
85 gr of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 tbsp lemon rind
3 tbsps lemon juice, 2 tbsp firm natural yogurt
1 tbsp of dried lavender buds(my own)warmed in 1 cup of buttermilk.

Mix dry ings.
Cream butter and sugar and cream until light and fluffy add egg.. beat well add flour and buttermilk alternatively ending with flour.Add rind and juice.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven(I did 325 convection)for ap 4o mins..until toothpick testJ

Make your glaze with 1 cup of icing sugar 1 tbs of melted butter and enough lemon juice until you love the consistency.
Drizzle on cooled unmolded cake..sprinkle with more blue eyed fairy buds~

PPSS...The clematis in the first photo are 2 of Betty of my all time favorite floriferous clematis.


  1. I so understand your feelings about the awards. But that you have little of interest to say about your self... well, that just blows my mind. The little glimpses of you, your family, your kitchen, your home - I'm inspired by all of it. Your creativity & photography is breathtaking - I have so much to learn.

    So while I understand your feelings about continuing the chain mail, believe me - you are more than a little interesting, you are a novice blogger with the blog content of someone who has been doing this for a long, long time, a creative woman with an eye for the beautiful, as well as the unusual. La Table De Nana ALWAYS makes me smile and say "ahhh!"

  2. Lori thank you so much for your kind words and for understanding.
    I thought about this today while out.
    I would never want to hurt anyones feelings..or seem ungrateful.
    I just am not a great award winner:(
    Thanks thanks thanks made me feel better!:)

  3. I have loved this site for just short of forever and I love not only the delightful text, but the recipes as well. So, in today's recipe, is it baking powder twice, or is one of those baking soda? Curious minds want to know.

  4. M...I am also guilty of not knowing how to spread the awards...and how to respond properly...
    But you are so interesting...I just love coming to your blog every day!
    It is a little gift...

  5. Oh AD! You are so astute and observative! Thank you.. the second time..baking soda!! Merçi!!!


    Linda..thank you:) Not clever here 100% yet! I enjoy you too!We will get there? ! Un jour!

  6. I love that many blogs are 'Award Free' now. I prefer that for myself as well. It's not the awards - it's the interaction - the camaraderie. I never send those emails on to 10 people on my email list either ;)

    I envy your beautiful desserts - it has to be a rare occasion here...the calories - OY. This one I am saving, though ;) I do love lemon and lavender.

  7. I believe that you are a very interesting person. Your blog is one of the ones that has inspired me and it is one that I share with friends!

    You find wonderfully unique things to share and you are quite creative. The composition of your photography is superb.

    I visit you everyday to see what is new! Thank you for sharing of yourself.

  8. hello!

    i am just discovering your blog because you came over to mine and said hi! it is such a lovely blog and i quickly added it to my feed and will be back often. and your a fellow lavender lover!

  9. You are an interesting person -- you've been a Friend of Linderhof since I found you. Love your food and love your pictures.

    But I do the same with those chain emails -- I don't have 10 friends that I want to pester with them and have them feel like I do when one comes.

    But your blog is wonderful -- and your food.

    I make lavender cake (a pound cake actually)and lavender cookies. People think of lavender in the bath -- not on the table but they're both good!

    I will have to try your recipe for lavender cake, however.

  10. Dear Monique - I always look forward to your beautiful posts and have learned so much from you. You are so creative and generous with your ideas and advice. The best part of blogging is the wonderful group of friends we make along the way as we all learn together.

  11. oh you know my opinion on lav and lem, just hatem, i mean what a waste of food~

    that was nice how you phrased the no awards... i was the first to offer you one on day one, i am sure you have had at least one a day offered ever since~

    you know i have adored you for many years, everyone is enjoying what was once for my eyes only, you are just simply the best in all you do nana, its been an honor to have known and learned so much from you for so long~

  12. are the friend I referred to:)
    Thank you..
    I agree Cathy..I love the people we meet along the way and what we learn~
    Better than any class I could have taken..and I can truly say I have made friends w/the same interests and passions!At my age!~
    A bientôt~

  13. Well, Monique, my friend ~ You and your beautiful work struck a chord with me since I first laid eyes on your photos, your food, and your art long before you began blogging. :)

    I'm so happy you made the decision to start blogging and sharing your talents with a much larger audience.

    You're a wonderful inspiration, and I feel honored to see the world through your eyes. xo~m.

  14. Hi Monique, I did not forward my award too. My way of saying thanks is to share more recipes :) I love your cake. It is a dream.

  15. Monique... I start my day straining my neck to see what wonderful masterpiece you have delivered for the day!!! Your blog is steller, your cooking devine. I parallel your thoughts on awards, especially the chain type. There are not enough hours in the day now for me to accomplish what I would like to...We just have to be wise stewards of our time and indivually we each make that personal choice. My friend, continue your quest to create beautiful, delicious eye and stomach candy for all fortunate enough to find you. Coffe in the morning would not be the same delight without you, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. I feel the same way about all of you..

    I have long forsaken the morning newspapers!!:)

    Thanks again!

  17. Well I do agree.. You are one interesting person!! I just found you and have been reading for 45 minutes now...
    I understand about the awards too. You love to get them but everyone out there is doing their best at things they love.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. What a beautiful blog you have. I look forward to visiting again.