Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Steamer Banquet:)

Many many many years ago.. there was an asian market where I met the nicest young woman.. I bought new products for cooking from day I went to the store and she was gone..I was happy to find out from another shopkeeper that she and her husband had opened their own store and I was given the location..

Many ingredients and quite a few baskets later..I was a loyal patron and she the sweetest of shopowners~ And honest!! So honest!

I had leftover chicken..I like that..takes the guessing out of the steaming:)

I chopped up my chicken.. w/ green onions.. julienned carrots.. slivered fresh baby bok choy..ginger ..garlic..sesame oil.. soya..

and placed the little mountains of tasty mix.. in my pre~bought dumpling wrappers from my now asian market~on top of some fresh bok choy in the steamers...

Used my daughters gift of chopsticks..and favorite dipping sauces:)

It was a divine little dinner..

With the sun finally peeking out amidst the daylily blooms~
I could eat this at least 3 times a week!

Tastes fresh.. and healthy!

Even the clean up is a breeze~

She closed her store last year..luckily I found another.. but after all those years it will take me time to feel the same ~Takes time to form bonds..I miss her cheerful spirit and tips and tricks.She also taught at the back of the store~ Limitless energy.A good role model for hard work~
Everytime I see my baskets I think of her! There I go again w/ things that remind me of people!

Next week? Shrimp maybe?


  1. another beatiful post from pics to sentiments, such a treat to know and see you~

  2. I made the Hubs read your post for today...I told him he must get to know your blog because I am in Love with it...He agrees. We are off to a Jewelry show today...Pleasure and a little work, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Ooh, Monique, I love little dumplings, too. What a great idea to use leftover proteins for the fillings.

    The photos are gorgeous, as always. I especially love the shot of the dumpling in the chopsticks. Beautiful!

  4. I so enjoy reading your blog! I have a steamer but have never ventured past fish! I am going to have to break out away and try something new! Love your photos!

  5. Oh, I too love dumplings and potstickers. May I suggest a teeny bit of either orange or lime zest in your dumpling mixture for a different taste treat?

  6. Looks fabulous Nana! I love chinese dumplings. I have fond memories of dim sum in Toronto some years back. It was delicious!

  7. Lovely dumplings..sweet story..
    I will pick one of those up next time I see one..
    Could I use the regular steamer I have..will there be a difference?

  8. Such amazing pictures - yet again.
    You are very talented Monique!

  9. Ce que tu veux pour la semaine prochaine ! Je suis heureuse d'être rentrée et de repasser prendre l'air qu'il fait chez toi ! C'est frais et plaisant. Ici, aujourd'hui, on étouffe !
    Allez, gros bisous, je poursuis mes lectures ...

  10. Oh Monique, even your dumplings are pretty.

  11. Your dumplings look very yummy too...!!

  12. Oh, you made them perfectly! As chinese as they can get ;) I have these dumplings ever so often because you can never get sick of them! Simply beautiful, Nana :)

  13. Beautiful. it seems that that is all I can say whenever I visit your blog. :)

  14. How heartbreaking when a cherished fixture in life changes. :(

    These dumplings look wonderful, I would like to learn to make these.

  15. I've been meaning to get a cute bamboo steamer basket like yours M, and I wonder what has taken me so long.

    Also, that delicious dumpling looks like it's about to jump off the screen and land in my mouth. Cool shot!

  16. your blog is wonderfull!! e scusa per il mio inglese:DDD questi li faccio spesso anche io!:DDD