Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ricardo~ Yet Again~

I used to love Ricardo..Now..I am even more in love with him if that is at all possible.
I mean that in a nana way.
I recently saw him on a show I watch..being interviewed..on a train.. alone w/ the host.
You could not imagine a more down to earth humble..nice ..tender..grandson/son/husband/father~


July 1st was Canada Day..and no work in store apart from the gardens..

My dear neighbor(I have nice neighbors) a friend also..suggested we come over after gardening for some Aix -En-Provence wine..She lived in the South Of France for years..and knows we loved our little trip there.
I say "mais oui"~:)And I will bring a small friend is tiny tiny... eats well and in very tiny portions.

I brought the Appetizer all prepped w/ only the cooking left to do..
It's a GREAT little last minute appy..
Courtesy of a past issue of Ricardo..Holidays 08..

It starts w/ seedless green grapes..the recipe called for oodles of grapes .. but I know how the 3 of us I only brought 6 appetizers .. so I used 18 grapes and 1 tbsp of honey..

You cook the grapes until tender ap 10 mins in the honey.. then add Tarragon~

Let drain..

Meanwhile.. slice a beautiful baguette on the diagonal in thin slices and top w/ Roquefort or Blue cheese or Gorgonzola.....

Broil for a few minutes..and immediately top w/ grapes..Serve~

Honestly I am not a blue cheese LOVER like my husband.. but we all agreed..this is delish.A keeper and easy!

When we left.. I took the label off the wine bottle as I did in Europe( I kept at least 25% of the labels for memories~.)I like keeping special labels..My neighbor kept it this time and stuck it on her kitchen wall..

This morning when we spoke..I said ..will you not regret sticking the label to your kitchen wall? "Au contraire" she said..

"I have all the kitchen walls to do now~"


  1. oh that looks beautiful... simple easy and delish i bet!

    its nice you have such a fun new playmate~

    its easy to love ricardo in a non nana way too...

  2. This looks heavenly and I love the combination of flavors and textures. Blue cheese and grapes...delish.

    Wine labels are a lovely reminder of special moments. And a kitchen wall is perfect.

  3. Now I really like the wine labels on the kitchen walls idea...excellent!, xoxo~Kathy, Up-North.

  4. Beau looks wonderful~

  5. This is a LOVELY light appetizer...right to our taste!I love that touch of tarragon. I am definitely going to make this soon.

  6. PS: Love your beautiful site, an inspiration too!!

  7. What a lovely appetizer. I never thought of cooking grapes before!

  8. I never did either Ninette! It does work..:)

    Ronelle..Thank you for your visit..your blog is s precious~

    and thanks ladies for your nice comments~