Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sels Aromatisés~

Remember when I fell in love with Aromatized Salts? And made some Thyme and Rosemary ones?Thanks to Linda?

Well this past week I fell in love with "Et Si C'était Bon"'s salt..

A beautiful concoction of salt..and balsamic vinegar..

Mamina suggested using it with cantaloupe and that's exactly what I had for lunch Saturday..

Now I am a little addict of it~

It's a pretty and fun thing to make..

And the possibilities of the salts and the uses are endless I would think..

50 Ml of Balsamic Vinegar
6 heaping tablespoons of coarse salt(3 plus 3)
In a casserole on heat reduce the balsamic vinegar to ap 3 tbsps without letting it become a syrup.
Once done..add 3 tbsps of salt and mix well.. spread on a cookie sheet with parchment and bake at for ap 40 mins.. regularly stirring w/ a fork..

Remove.. add the 3 leftover tbsps of salt and mix.. Put in a processor or use a mortar as I did..

Store in a hermetically sealed jar.
In high may have to bake again.I used Sel De Guérande which has a high moisture level so I did..Use coarse kosher should be fine.

Merçi encore une fois Mamina~

PS My daughter sent me the link to this video..She subscribes to Goop..
I really enjoyed it..She's adorable..


  1. Sitôt vu, sitôt fait... je vois que mes recettes de blogs italien t'inspirent aussi...

    Bonne journée. Grand beau aujourd'hui, c'est vraiment agréable.

  2. Vous m'avez inspirée:) Bonne Journée!

  3. I love the sound of this, Monique. I'm trying to think what else I could use this on. Suggestions?

  4. Hi Lori:)..Mamina suggests a fresh tomato salad..poached fish.. a fresh zucchini tagliatelle..I would think string beans..some meats..anything you like salt and balsamic on:) Let's put our thinking caps on..
    I must say on the melon it was just right.I bet home fries too:)

  5. Great ideas, Monique. Now that you've got me started, I'll bet I could think of lots of things. I'm making this today!! Thank you!

  6. Oh my... does this look fabulous!
    Thanks so much M...I love this idea...

  7. What a wonderful idea. We should be seeing fresh local canteloupe in the market soon.

    I'm now hooked on flavored salts.

  8. I do herbal salts but have never heard of this -- your canteloup is making my mouth water AND I know that I will be making that salt soon!

  9. After tens of years, many kudos, and thinking myself a good cook, I think I just fell off a turnip truck. I have never heard of this.

  10. Me voilà de retour et toujours un plaisir des yeux en venant te voir...plaisir gourmand, plaisir de goûter et plaisir de manger...Merci de tes gentils messages et c'est toujours avec bonheur de te lire !!!! Bonne semaine jolie Nana !!!!

  11. I love seasoned cantaloupe - watermelon also. What a delightful seasoning recipe. I will have to take a copy with me ;)

  12. What temperature do you bake the salt at? It sounds fabulous.

  13. This sounds so good ....thnak you for the idea..m going to make this .:)

  14. Have been gone so I needed to catch up- To think I almost missed this. I could just taste it on the cantelope...the mix of flavors...Wonderful Monique, ~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  15. never heard of this combo~

    enjoyed the video too, but what bugged me was not seeing her wash her hands and board after touching chicken, made me squeamish!

  16. Jain.. you made me smile..I had seen that too.. before even reading the YouTube reviews..before I added the link..

    She traveled w/ Mario..I am almost sure this was edited~

    She even tasted ..Her joie de vivre and love for cooking made me get past that.After all.I wasn't invited that night:)

    It bothered me that the reviewers commented on her use of the word beautiful for the veggies she was using.. what's she supposed to say? Sublime? supercalifragilisticexpialidociuosly attractive?
    Aesthetically pleasing to the eye?
    And the mention of her dad:)
    Love her~ Love her mom~

    We've always loved balsamic.. and salt w/ Cantaloupe..or lemon juice:)

  17. Monique, merci beaucoup for pointing this out to me. I don't know how I missed it the first time around as much as I love salt. This sounds absolutely fabulous and I will be sure to give it a try. Sometimes I make my own house blend.