Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soul Food #12~

Shameless Nana~ ;)

Darling Noah.. 1.
Now a walking angel~


  1. omg he is all grown up! cute cute cute pics!

  2. How adorable ... definitely not a shameless Nana. Monique, you're a very proud Nana and rightfully so.

  3. cute pictures with the angel's wings. I love pictures with angel's wings. My sister made one time some, but she was much older than this cutie.

  4. Precious Noah...I adore them at any age but around 18 months has to be my all time favorite...They are up walking and starting to say the cutiest things. So innocent and so very entertaining. I haven't figured out how to slow down the growing thing...I command them to STOP growing when they are around and they laugh!!! Maybe if I could get them to take my commands more seriously! Ha! There is no greater Joy!!!, xoxo~Kathy~ Up-North.

  5. Hi Monique,

    Way to go Noah!

    He is adorable! I love when you post these. I can hardly remember what it's like to hold a little one.

    Someday I will be a Nana too, but hopefully not for many many years lol!


  6. What a precious, adorable Noah. I love this age and it goes by so quickly. Our special little angel just lost his first tooth and starts first grade in a few weeks. If only we could slow down time to have more baby moments.

  7. Oh Monique. Your daughters make the most beautiful babies.


  8. M. that baby has creases in all the right kissable places...oh he must be sooooo delicious!
    What a sweetie!

  9. I eat him up all the time with kisses~

    I love every little crease too! Thank you!!

    I have to agree with all of you who have mentioned it.I would love to freeze them..

    until now..
    I have loved every age..

    Lulu is the eldest..soon 4..apart from Adamo and Giulianna and they are quite perfect but we had nothing to do w/ their perfection!!

    I just love them to bits.
    They make my heart sing.
    I want them to stay like this in my fondest dreams..

  10. My sweet friend.... I would love to share this family recipe with you... unfortunately, it is not mine to share. My husbands grandfather sold it in the family store for years and made the family promise never to sell or give away the recipe. If it were up to me I would give it to you in a heartbeat, I am sorry...xoxo~Kathy~...

  11. :) Thank you Ninette! And Kathy!:)~A promise is a promise!!

  12. What a precious, beautiful child! How fortunate you are...

  13. Adorable, angelic, a touch of mischief, perhaps :) Love at first sight - and every sight, I'm sure!

    I can't wait :)

    You know you are my First Place Intercontinental Nana Idol!

  14. Susan..Tag:) Soon!!

    Thanks and thanks Kate..The little light of my days when I see them:)

  15. M - he is such a beautiful baby! All smiles and the chubbiness that just makes the perfect bundle of love. Is his sibling arriving soon?

  16. Gosh , I love it when Noah's on your blog! What nice compliments! BTW, his mommy thinks he's pretty delicious too :)

  17. An Earth Angel!


    (I just saw my "word verification" was "swedust"....sounds like sweetest to me! LOL)

  18. Diane you made me smile out loud! Those word verifications are sometimes illegible..and sometimes so àpropos!!

    M..Olivier aka Oliver/ aka Ollie is due September..New room is ready.. and cute!Max, graduated to a big boy bed upstairs this weekend and is handling it like a seasoned big boy:)
    Thank you!

  19. He is just precious! So happy you shared his sweet face. Love those chubby little arms and legs!

  20. Noah's smile must light up your heart - it certainly does mine!