Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eddie's Almond Roll~

That's what my cherished recipe says~
I have had it for years..tasted at a gathering for people who loved someone named Rosemarie~I was one of the guests.She was and will always be very special to me.

Her friend made this..and shared the recipe..
Many many years ago now..
It's so easy.. yet so good.

La Recette

250 grams of cold butter
375 grams of flour
125 grams of sugar
1 packet of vanilla Sugar

Mix and mound all..make a well add an egg.. Mix again...
Let rest..Knead a bit ..roll out..Until you would almost see the Tupperware writing:)

(I always make this sugar crust/dough on my ancient Tupperware mat..as the recipe specifically said that..and I have had mine since the first years of my wedding..)Eddie had one too:)

In a seperate bowl mix
200 grams of ground almonds
100 grams of sugar
1 egg white
a dash of almond extract (I add much more..I am a big fan)
enough Rose water to make a paste..

Spread paste on dough..roll up..

Make slits.. brush with egg yolk.. I add coarse sugar .for a sprinkling of crisp sweetness.. I love how the crystals caramelize..the ones that fall on the parchment.
Bake at 375 degrees for ap 45 mins..
It makes a long roll and is such a nice treat with tea or coffee.
Cool slice and serve..small slivers are ideal..Wrap tightly..and keep..if you can.
I just felt like taking out the NEW Rose Water:)

I hope you enjoy it..it's been around in our home for eons and a day.


  1. Quelle photo fantastique, que du blanc, magnifique

  2. Thats really beautiful. and the recipe sounds quite easy even the crust. Thanks for sharing this, monique.

  3. je ne connaissais pas du tout cette recette, mais la photo donne envie en tous cas !

  4. La photo est stupéfiante et en plus je ne connaissais pas du tout ce pain...

  5. I"ve never seen anything like this, but I can promise you I'm going to try it! It looks perfect for a ladies' tea. I LOVE ladies' teas!

  6. I adore recipes that become family favourites. Love the story behind this Almond Roll, especially the anecdote on your tupperware. That was very sweet :) The Almond Roll looks very buttery and moist! I would love a slice with a cup of Earl Grey :)

  7. I will make this next weekend, Monique. One of my favorite things in the world is almonds and almond essence (put it in my cappuccino on the weekends). I cannot wait to try this, I know it will become a new favorite.

    Here's a link to one of my favorite cakes. I don't put as much sugar as Cherry does in her recipe. Let me know what you think... It is so tasty deliciously good (get the idea? ;)

    Okay, off to print out your recipe, Monique. Happy day!

    Here you go

  8. I am going to search for Rose water this weekend in the city. I've never seen it in a store nor tasted it. I can't wait.

  9. ça a l'air extra bon ! je note ! encore quelque chose à essayer de chez toi :)

  10. Tracie what a lovely looking cake!MM..

    Thank you..I hope you all enjoy it..It's not like a cake.. or a cookie..it's a mix:)

  11. Oh Monique, this looks wonderful! I love the idea of sprinkling coarse sugar on top. I am in love with anything that has an almond flavor!

  12. You are off to a fine, sweet start to September, Monique! This sounds wonderful and I love almond too.

  13. Almond...Heavenly, the smell and the taste! I think I shall try this when the girlfriends come for lunch. My grandmother made an Almond coffee cake that has left a smile in my heart many a time... Oh! I did get to see Julie, Julia with 2 friends...we laughed ourselves silly, fabulous...awards will be given for those performances...M. Streep definately was Julia, the woman can play anyone, she is phenominal...xoxo~Kathy...

  14. Oh my...I must must must make this! It sounds so good, and your photos are so enticing. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!! I'm going to try making this after my vacation in Australia.

  15. The photos are stunning (as usual) and this cake is simply gorgeous! What an elegant treat!

  16. Nooshi..Have a great tip and I hope we see photos:)
    Kathy I am not surprised you enjoyed the movie..we get to kind of know each other!
    Thank you.

  17. It is beautiful Monique ~ I love recipes with a history, and this one looks exceptional. Thank you for sharing.

  18. What a great sounding recipe. I have ground almonds in the cupboard since I love, love almonds. Believe it or not, I also have that same Tupperware rolling mat in with my bake ware. Every time I use it I remember the time before.

    Once again, thanks for sharing...and your photos are amazing.


  19. cette recette est fantastique, je tenais à te le dire avant de publier demain.
    Je l'ai fait pour recevoir une amie, qui n'a pas voulu boire le petit café que je lui avais préparé, de peur de perdre tout le goût des amandes :)

    merci beaucoup :)

  20. Yummy and beautiful! I've printed off the recipe. This one looks like a keeper. No longer have my Tupperware pie mat. Wish I did! ~ Sarah

  21. I can almost taste that dense almond flavor! This looks wonderful and I love your spring butterflies on top! So adorable. I'm copying the recipe right now.
    Boo hoo that I don't have one piece of Tupperware anymore...we had so many T-parties during Air Force years.
    Happy Easter to you, Monique. I hope you have a lovely weekend and some fine weather. :)