Friday, September 4, 2009

Ricardo's Upside down "confites" apple and maple syrup cake~

I had to share this recipe with you..It is from the latest edition of Ricardo's magazine..I think most of you know what a talented chef and very nice family man /person he is..

It's an upside down cake..w/ a twist..the apple slices are mandolined.. you reserve the prettiest star centered ones for the bottom..pure maple syrup is poured on top..they become "confites".. while baking w/ the batter over..and the top is incredibly beautiful when you flip~

I flipped:)

His recipes are always keepers here.This one is no exception.

La Recette

5 Cortland apples peeled
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
2 cups unbleached all p urpose flour
2 tsps baking powdwer
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon..I added cardamom also
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup softened unsalted butter
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup apple juice

Preheat oven to 350 F
place rack in middle
Butter an 8 cup soufflé dish..I used the glass dish you see in the full photo
Cut one of the apples in cubes and reserve

Slice all other apples thinly w/ mandoline.
I did these steps after I had prepared my batter as I did not want to have to soak my apples in lemon water to prevent browning.

For the batter

Mix flour,baking powder,salt,cinnamon .Reserve.
Cream butter with brown sugar until creamy and homogenous...add eggs one at a time keeping the smooth texture..

Alternate adding the dry ings. with this creamed mixture and apple juice..
With a spatula fold in the chopped/cubed apple.

Place your apple slices on the bottom (I went up a bit too) keep adding.. so that the batter you will add cannot seep through..Pour maple syrup over all the apples..then pour your batter over..

Bake for ap 1hr 30 mins or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Serve with maple syrup yogurt or maple syrup infused whipped cream or ice cream.. slightly warm or room temp..

It's un....

"coup de coeur "for me.

All of the recipes in this issue look wonderful as always~If you can subscribe or buy his magazines..they are worth it~:)

It's a continuous Ricardo/Brigitte(his lovely wife and partner)collaboration along w/amazing photography and food styling...



  1. Oh, Monique, this is gorgeous. I love the little stars in the apple hearts. If we weren't leaving tomorrow, I'd make this tonight. As it is, it will have to wait till we return.

    Adding the cardomom was a great idea! I don't know Ricardo, but I"m going to google him toute de suite.

  2. Quelles photos, plus belles que jamais, ce bois gris, une merveille ! et ce gâteau, je n'ai plus de mots ...

  3. great recipe ! i love it... it must be delicious and it's very beautiful !

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous and looks equally appetizing...ah, fall is just around the corner. Thanks for the idea..., I too will google Ricardo.

    Have a good weekend.....Diane

  5. Beautiful...I have some real maple syrup left from a sugaring day at a friends home...wouldn't that be wonderful to use! spent some time going back and viewing your sweet blog, ahhhhhh! delightful.Last night was rough, at the moment I am pain free.. comes and goes. I hope I deliver this stone before your daughter delivers your New Grand...Praying all goes well, xoxo~Kathy...

  6. j'avais aussi marqué cette recette dans le dernier Ricardo. tes photos sont toutefois bien plus belles que celles du magazine :)

  7. Quel joli blog, dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de traduction en français !

  8. Thanks ! It's all Ricardo!! Guylaine.. je peux prendre une photo de la recette et vous la faire parvenir?La recette originale est en français.

    Isa.. Je ne suis pas surprise..:) et j'ai scruté le site dont vous m'avez parlé j'ai bien hâte d'y aller:)
    Cannelés? Financiers? :)Merçi!!

  9. How beautiful as always. I mentioned you in my post today. I was writing about one of Mari's recipes and of course had to mention you.

  10. That is just so gorgeous M....all of your pictures are magazine worthy and just so beautiful...
    and now i am going to have to finally break down and finally buy a mandoline!

  11. Ohhh almost like a tarte tatin but better! I love it!

  12. This looks so beautiful. The way the apples have been cut just make them so pretty. So tempting!

  13. Love the heart wreaths! And the gateau? Perfection.

    I think we could read a newspaper through those apple slices. Taa Daa~ You have mastered the Mercedes-Benz of mandolins. Congratulations, mon ami!

    Beautifully photography, as always. You spoil us with eye candy. :)

  14. I would like to subscribe :-) I don't think it's available in the U.S. but I will check...

    Your heart wreath reminds me of what my hubby does with our veggies...he makes hearts, words, etc.

    You captured the dessert well!

  15. Monique - You bring every thing together so beautifully. Just makes me sigh! Here's to your beautiful life!

  16. Fantastique ce gâteau!
    Ce dessert m'avait fait de l'oeil lors de la lecture de son magasine, mais je ne peux plus du tout y résister, car tes magnifiques photos nous donnent qu'une envie; en prendre une bouchée:))

  17. This sounds like a wonderful pomme-de-coeur recipe :) I love the bitsy pomme heart!

  18. J'aime tellement Ricardo et ses recettes. Quelle belles photos. Je garde cette recette. Merci :)

  19. I wrote down the recipe to prepare it right now! Then I realized that I do not know how many eggs to use ... I will try using either 2 or 3. The recipe looks so awesome, I am preparing it for my hubby who has "the boys" coming over for a guys night out.

    Thanks so much!

    Viviane, Rochester NY

  20. I too started making this and wonder how many eggs!

  21. Oh Mea Culpa!! 2 eggs

    I rarely track back after 2 days,I apologize so much!!

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