Sunday, September 13, 2009

Edible Flowers and Butters~

Imagine my surprise.. when earlier in the day..Hélène had shown her apple crisp with caramelized ginger featuring this company....And.. then I went to show a home..and my adorable client gave me a jar of these!


Oh I was so happy!
I had never seen this trademark before Hélène..perhaps in a magazine etc..but it was not a familiar label..

I looked at the make..then the label..and discovered..

I did not have to wait until I had a dish worthy of these as the finishing touch..I could simply make a flavored butter as I have in the past..but w/ a twist~

It's my very favorite now because it is prettier than the one I last made..I simply added a touch of the dried blooms..a touch of honey..and a touch of icing sugar..and then I had crackers and butter..:)

I love this brand..I am so happy to have discovered it~

This butter would be delicious on one of..Ann's scones~


  1. What a joy to find your site. There are a lot of food blogs with good photography but much fewer with exceptional photography. Yours is the latter! And also fantastic recipes!

    Thank You!

  2. Même si parfois l'anglais me pose un problème, même si parfois mes goûts sont différents, tes photos sont tellement superbes, que j'aime,
    Le fleurie est un vin rouge originaire du Beaujolais,je l'ai choisi pour le "F", mais quelques gouttes de vin rouge sont bienvenues
    J'ai quelque chose pour toi sur mon blog, si tu en as envie
    Bonne journée

  3. this is so gorgeous, what a fun gift and an instant innovated presentation too!

  4. I loved reading all your posts, how delicious!!! I am off to read more, then I will add yours to mine!!! You have such wonderful photos!!! I notice one of a book about teas, do you have the author's name, I am an avid cookbook reader and I love books about tea!!!
    Margaret B

  5. What a wonderful, beautiful blog. Your photographs are exquisite. I will be following!


  6. I agree with Food With Style, that this would make a wonderful gift! Dare I try and dry my own or just look for this label?

    And the butter...oh my!

    As usual, stunning photos...



  7. What a lovely gesture and I loved he way you used it! A spreadable garden :)

  8. I am so happy for you that your client gave you a bottle of Edible Flowers. Such a high-quality product. Once you start using their products you will never stop. Thanks for linking to my blog. Love the butter you made, it's beautiful, looks so chic. :)

  9. Wonderful idea, flavored butters! Thoughtful client.

  10. Yum to that flavored butter - I am dreaming of eating it on a slice of homemade bread, toasted.

  11. Mmm -- heavenly idea. I'm mulling over the flavors right now and could skip dinner if I had a little crock of this.

  12. Flavored butters are wonderful but I've not done them with flowers -- what a wonderful idea -- would make a good spread for tea.

  13. Your client is very gracious...Catching up on your blog...happily busy with grands for three days! Ollie is priceless...does your heart skip when your eye first sees him?...I wish I could capture time with the little ones...they amaze me at every turn, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  14. What a lovely gift, and a wonderful way to use it! I'm so happy to see your littlest one right up there on your blog, where he belongs. How about changing a photo of him every week? :)

  15. "Victorian epicure" ... tout un programmme, en effet ! Ton idée de beurre aromatisé en version sucrée est excellente ! Je note, je pique ... et je copie ! ;o)))
    Grosses bises

  16. Oh, that looks so good Nana! I love the idea of edible flowers in a delicious spread! How very Victorian!

  17. @ 2stews..I think you should spoil yourself and just get a jar w/ this label:)
    @LTC..I would like that:) I you know would like to freeze this miniature version of Lulu I think forever..
    The boys are being very good with their baby brother:)
    @M..Nice to meet you..

    and The French Bear with beautiful things!

    Kathy you must have had a ball ..busy..w/ your move etc:) j'aime voir vos délices.. je sais les goûts peuvent différer..Canada..l'Europe..mais j'aime tellement apprendre et j'ai tellement aimé la France ainsi que l'Italie que je me propose d'essayer ce que je peux:)


  18. .Bonjour! Je suis une conseillere des produits d'Epicure a Quebec. The products are all great - I hope you get a chance to use more. I'd love to see what you'd create with them. If you'd like to see more you can visit
    Bon Appetit!

  19. I must must must find a jar of those! I could it in so many things.

  20. Such a beautiful butter to go in your butter crock. I'll have to keep an eye out for those edible flowers. Haven't seen them before.

  21. I can get you can shop on-line at but you need a consultant - feel free to use me! Debbie Langill - buy the way - anyone in Quebec wanting to see more in person can also contact me. Je suis bilingue aussi.

  22. What a great gift. The butter looks amazing. I love the aroma edible flowers give.