Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peter Piper~

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

They are HERE!

We missed making our roasted peppers last year because we were in Europe..I was tough..But we HAD to:)

Italian friends first introduced us to making these..this way..
after skin and place in EVOO w/ fresh basil and garlic..
I have since learned that a paper bag is better than plastic for the resting part after roasting before skinning..and ROASTED garlic is better also~:)

I did not buy our peppers and basil there..we bought them at the market in Little Italy~

After they are skinned they are submerged..floating in this scentiful oil..:)

Then bagged..And frozen..for pizzas and sauces..and antipasto~

I did save some:)Unoiled:)

To make a special recipe~

From a lovely Food/Craft/Gardening blog I discovered~

Au plaisir de bien manger~

I made half the recipe..and less actually .. one full jar..Mason is in the fridge..occupying a place of honor~

I thought it looked beautiful in the afternoon's sunshine ..I have since had time to sample the jarred peppers and they are so good! Better.. even..they taste like something I had 100 yrs ago at home..w/ my mom..did she make these? I wish I knew and remembered~
I am not even rinsing them yet.. straight up:)

Thank you!


The only reason there is only one big that we were making so many roasted peppers to conserve..I erred on the side of caution~

Next time..I will come home w/ more peppers~After all..who needs shoes:)?

Nota Bene~

The leftover oil..after the hot peppers have bathed in delicious! Liquid gold..Saved:)


  1. Wow, I am jealous ;) Those peppers will perk up any dish. Oh, the colour! I love peppers and yours look bursting with flavour!

  2. i am in sicily now and heading to rome in a few days - so they must be everywhere here!

    i was hoping when i get back home i will also have time to pickle some peppers. let's hope so, cause these look beautiful and delicious!

  3. I was in Rome about this time last year~ Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!!!!

    You bring back such memories!

    Thank you Ju~

  4. Je suis vraiment heureuse que cette recette vous ait plu. Chez moi c'est maintenant un incontournable.

    Je vous remercie aussi pour le beau clin d'oeil que vous me faîtes.

    Passez une très belle journée et à bientôt.
    Josée xx

  5. Beautiful pictures of your lovely jar of peppers!

  6. I so wished my J enjoyed peppers! I would make them just for the sheer beauty! Ah, red :)

  7. You've inspired me, Monique. I need some lovely peppers in the freezer along with all the tomatoes I've roasted. We'll eat well this winter.

  8. i know how you love your pepper days, and my gosh they are just jewels in your presence!

  9. Monique, that first photo is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not kidding, it made me want to cry. It's amazing!

    I love roasted peppers, but Dan doesn't. I have them sometimes when he's out teaching in the evening, or if he's not eating with me.

    Thanks for these photos.

  10. Those peppers look so good. I never made mine. Love the pictures.

  11. Superbes !
    Les miens paraissent fades à côté de ces magnifiques photos !
    Merci pour tes gentils commentaires,je suis très touchée

  12. I've been busy roasting peppers too! Tis the season!

  13. Monique, I don't care for Peter Piper; let him figure it out.

    I do, however, care for red food. Especially red peppers, and of course, tomatoes. Give me some.

  14. Your pics are so stunningly red and tasty. I have never canned peppers...or even thought to. Farmers Market here I come, or even a sale at the grocery store.

    I love reminders of summer in the depths of winter. These would warm even the coldest winters day. I'll have to make lots!!