Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Tisket~ A Tasket~

A Blue and Yellow Basket~

I know..I am shameless~ But he is probably our last and I had an hour of adoration at lunch today~:)

And my herbs that I picked in our garden for dinner were in a basket too!

I love Josée Di Stasio~ You know that.. so does my husband and he mentioned this recipe in this weekend's La Presse~

It is DELICIOUS!I know..More pasta!! But when he golfs and I work we need quick some nights!

The recipe is sooo easy!! A processor.. Ricotta.. parmesan.. softened butter,lemon rind..juice.. herbs..the pasta water,salt and pepper..I added a garlic clove..

We will eat this again and again...

Bon Appétit!


  1. Bon appetit and please show us MORE photos of the precious little prince! :)

  2. What a beautiful little peek of Oliver! Every moment must be a joy for your beautiful family. And the pasta looks oh so very good - I can fairly taste it from here.

  3. Such a precious baby bundle! The finest treasure a basket could hold.

    I'm chuckling ... you're right! We were on practically the same page with our pasta meals. :) I like the idea of the herbs ~ the recipe I used definitely needed the cherry tomatoes, or something.

    Beautiful photos, yours never fail to delight. xo

  4. Just want to wish a nice weekend, I had much of work this week and havn't been on your blog since a week. your current post are wonderful and I love the pictures like alwys. Florence is great, I've just been there one time. And the baby is the cutest... have a nice time...

  5. Et bien Mme Nana, ton blog me plais beaucoup et les photos sont très belles. Merci!

  6. Hi Lovely Lady, I have missed you on my break away from the food blogs. My heart just melted to see your little one, and now I want to eat pasta!

  7. OH he really looks delicious...
    nothing is more delicious than a baby! And a new one at that!

  8. Enjoy that little one. That's so cute. I love Josée di Stasio as well. Her recipes never fail me.

  9. Beautiful picture of a little bundle of joy!

    And what a great pasta dish.

  10. Awwww...Now I want to take that little hat off and smell his baby head with its powder smell. What a super photo. He´s lucky to have you for his Nana!

    That pasta looks like it´s something right up my alley I can´t wait to get home to try it.

  11. Arlene you made me smile:) It's amazing how tiny they are..
    There really is nothing like the scent of a baby:) Thank you!

  12. Such a tiny scrumptious treasure in the basket!

    A quick, easy and comforting meal is always in order when the little ones arrive.

    How wonderful all the way around!


  13. You can flaunt him withou shame all you want. Ollie looks so sweet in his little basket. I'm sure he will be a pasta-eater one day soon :)

    I see he's found his place in your header :)

  14. Oh, bliss, and lucky you to be inhaling "scent of baby" as you cuddle him.
    I adore your herbs and greenery picture as well, though , of course, the baby has enchanted me!

  15. Oh dear, my heart just melted when I saw this sweet, adorable picture of little Oliver.

  16. Il joue au golf et tu travailles ! Il a la belle vie, lui ! ;o) Bon, moi, je me joins à vous pour partager ces pâtes, sans même demander la permission.
    Et puis je vois que le petit fils est arrivé ! Quelle merveille. Ta première photo est tout à fait adorable ... UN bébé à croquer ... Squishy, tu m'as appris un mot anglais, ce matin, et qu'est ce qu'il est bien adapté au petit Oliver ! Mon frère s'appelle Olivier . J'aime bien ce prénom ...
    ALlez, plein d'autres grosses bises, mais à partager, cette fois ! ;o)


  18. Awww. How adorable. I am so glad you are shameless and we get to enjoy the pictures.

    What a nice pasta for a busy weeknight too.

  19. This sounds so good. I think I might make this on Tuesday!