Saturday, September 5, 2009

Petit Plaisir au "Cassis"~

I love visiting my favorite French Blogs..I have linked to some before..This time's Eléonora we are visiting~

Her son just got married and she toasted her departure for the wedding and his nuptials with this pretty fresh fruity.. Champagne and Cassis recipe~

It's so light and refreshing..Jacques and I had it on the deck after Puttanesca:)

Perfect sparkling ending to a salty,spicy dish~

100 gr.of raspberries
100gr of blackberries
100gr of blueberries
100gr of red currants

16.9 fluid ounces of champagne or sparkling wine
5.07 fluid ounces of Crème De Cassis
4 gelatin sheets

Clean and stem the fruits.
Mix them and put in 4 pretty glasses or cups..
Put everything in the fridge to keep chilled.. even the wine or champagne.
Warm the Cassis on the stove..

Soften the gelatin in cold water..

Wring out and put in the warmed Cassis .
Stir until dissolved.

Cool to room temp.
Mix the gelatined Cassis with the wine.. and stir .Pour immediately over the fruits..This preserves the bubbles:)

Refrigerate for ap 1 hr.. chilled but not too too cold:)

I used Champagne grapes instead of red currants..
I love this little adult JELLO:)

Très Chic! Merçi Eléonora!

My friend brought me back some beautiful postcards from Paris~ I thought they would look nice w/ her charming dessert~


  1. Magnifique... Eleonora est une belle source d'inspiration.

  2. So gorgeous! It looks delightfully refreshing, too. Beautifully captured in your photos as well.

    Oh, and now I'm craving pasta for dinner this evening. :)

    Nice postcards! xo

  3. Adult Jello is a cute way to describe it! So cool and refreshing :) I love the colours!

  4. What a beautiful and refreshing twist on a classic Kir.
    Créme de cassis is a favorite of mine - this is a great way to use it.

  5. Great idea...beautiful and enjoy this on the patio after dinner...I am anxious to give this a try.

  6. Huge Kir fan here too...this looks so refreshing and delicious!
    Beautiful pics M...just beautiful!

  7. I have really got to tell you that ever since I saw you Romeo & Julienne cutting board on your site I have fallen in love with it - and ever so often it happens to show up a cutting board just like yours in various places. And then ....I just think of you. Isn't that nice?

  8. Quelle photos superbes, cette coupe paraît très rafraichissante

  9. Thank you..I can see this dessert at all your homes..

    Catalinakolker..that IS so nice..
    I know..sometimes just one little things draws our eye..and keeps us.. even if we miss weeks..days:)Thanks for saying so..
    The little board is still a favorite..I brought one to my daughter's as a hostess gift one night for a dinner..It is liked there too..

  10. I love Kir Royales so I'm certain I would love this beautiful dessert! So photogenic too :)

  11. Looks wonderful. This weekend, I found Rose water and orange flower water. Now, what can I do with them? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  12. I love this dessert. We made something very similar in the restaurant a couple of days ago. Its really refreshing...

  13. Donna.. you can make the almond roll I posted:) Start with that?

    Or you can google away..

    Have fun!

  14. These are so pretty Monique. What a great ending to Puttanesca, which also looks beautiful.

  15. this looks SO beautifulm, SO delicious, SO summer! and thanks for the links...will definitely go pop in!

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