Friday, September 25, 2009

Dinner For One Please~

And No Takeout Thank You Very Much~:)

I am never alone for dinner~
Wednesday night I was ..
In the morning..before work..I thought..I'll just have a bagel for dinner:) Or cereal~

But I cracked.. I was listless after a long day at work..and wanted to play..
The game I wanted to play..was cooking and baking of course~Too wet and too late for the garden..Too humid also!

So I spoiled myself by making a trial version of a meal I instantly had palpitations for when I saw it at Isa's..

Peanut Butter Ravioli Wontons~

It was a heavenly little dish..That I will do and do again.

I remember my childhood friend and I having this at a resto ..maybe 15 yrs ago..I loved it then..

You know what?

It's even better at home~

I used dumpling wrappers..that I had..but the recipe calls for WonTon worked..I tried some as Raviolis..some as wontons..Of course both taste luscious.
She mentions her little son ate all the sauce even:) He has my kind of taste buds~
He is a lucky little grenouille to have such a good cook mommy.
Merçi Isa~

La Recette~

1/2 livre (250 g) de porc haché 1/2 lb ground pork
1⁄4 tasse ( 60 ml ) de châtaignes d'eau, égouttées et hachées1/4 cup drained chopped water chestnusts
1 œuf 1 egg
2 échalotes vertes émincées 2 spring green onions thinly sliced
1/2 cuillère à thé de sel 1/2 tsp salt
1 cuillère à table de sauce soya ( allégée en sel ) 1 tbsp light soya sauce
1/4 cuillère à thé de poivre 1/4 tsp pepper

ap 50 Won Ton Wrappers

Mix all these ingredients and put ap 1 tsp in each wrapper/moisten the edges and fold the way you like to make yours making certain all edges are sealed.
I added a touch of sesame oil and some fresh ginger~

You boil them for ap 5 mins in water or in a chicken broth..This is the way to make WonTon soup also..

To make the peanut butter raviolis..follow the above method..but you serve in the sauce..

The sauce is in 2 parts w/ a type of thickened soya sauce and the peanut sauce..

La recette

La recette :
1/2 recette de raviolis won ton 1/2 a recipe of wontons

Sauce au beurre d’arachides :Peanut butter sauce
1 tasse ( 250 ml ) de bouillon de poulet 1 cup chicken broth..use less if you want a thicker sauce
2 cuillères à table de sauce Hoisin 2tbsps hoisin sauce
1/4 tasse ( 60 ml ) de beurre d’arachides1/4 Cup Peanut Butter
1 gousse d’ail hachée 1 minced garlic clove
1 cuillère à table de vinaigre de riz 1 tspb rice wine vinegar
Sésame blanc sesame seeds

Sirop de sauce soya :Soya Syrup
5 cuillères à table de sauce soya allégée en sel 5tbsps light soya sauce
1/2 cuillère à thé de sucre 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 cuillère à thé de fécule de maïs1/2 tsp cornstarch

For the peanut butter sauce..

In a casserole heat the chicken broth with the the stove.. add the rest of the ingredients except the sesame seeds and blend to a smooth consistency.. add peanut butter if you wish ..

For the syrup

Ina small casserole mix all ingredients and heat stirring constantly until thickend.

I placed the warm sauce on my plate.. added the raviolis and dotted w/ the syrup and put a bit more peanut sauce on top..sprinkled w/ green onions and sesame seeds..We had the full version Friday night and my husband love it to bits too.Like Isa's little grenouille:)


  1. Ah, peanut sauce is heaven. This is such an creative dish. I am glad you enjoyed your little dinner :) I would also be slurping up all that yummy sauce!

  2. What a delightful dinner for one - so much better than cereal ;) I will be visiting Isa!

  3. There's something I've never tried, In fact, I've never even heard of peanut butter ravioli wontons.

    But every one of those words conjures up something very delicious in my head...which seem to match your pictures, Monique.

    I'm so looking forward to your next meltdown, my dear [G].

  4. C'est une jolie table pleine d'harmonie...Bon week-end Monique !!!!!

  5. Lorsque je suis toute seule, je n'ai pas trop le courage de cuisiner, juste quelques bricoles, ce plat est superbe

  6. Oh yummy...those looks wonderful M.
    and I can almost taste them through the screen!

  7. C'est joliment présenté.
    Je te trouve courageuse de cuisiner pour toi seule, moi, ça ne me tente suis dans ce cas, plutôt du style " un verre d'eau et un supplément de beurre " lol !
    merci à toi Monique :)

  8. Mais que j'aime, cela a l'air tellement délicieux.

  9. Isabelle et Chapot! Je suis toujours du style céréale ou bagel ..seule..ou granola de ma fille..ou rien..C'est ton billet Isa qui m'a inspiré:)..Ce soir..mon mari.. en fût ravi!

    Hélène.. je commence à vous découvrir:)Allez-y:)

    Sol..peek at your Beau Blog~ I left you a Miss You note~

    Ju~ coming from you:) It is a compliment that you approve~

  10. PS Susan..some of this post is very familiar to you?:)

    Thanks everyone!

  11. Delightfully different! I love cooking, whether it be for a crowd or just for myself. I get the same amount of pleasure. Your wontons look fabulous!

  12. Lovely presentation - no doubt very tasty as well!

  13. M...Cereal or this!!!! is there even a connection? LOL...I laughed so hard when reading this....You are such a master at cuisine creativity...I CANNOT for the life of me picture you eating Cereal!!! (Me? ...yes) you, never!!! Now I must go wash my blouse...I have drool all over it!, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... Yummy!

  14. Your photography never ceases
    to amaze and inspire me.

    it is classic.
    and clean.
    it tells the story.

    And it knows humility.
    It does not require 33435 shots of the same thing to get our attention, or find our praises.

    You give me something to aspire to.

    thank you for that.

  15. This sounds heavenly. Peanut butter. Ravioli. Dang! Why didn't I think of that???

  16. Tired from work and you make such an inspired meal AND beautifully photograph it?! Sure beats my hummus and carrots!


  17. These look absolutely delicious. I can see that my French is going to be put to the test trying to make them! :-D

    Beautiful, Monique -

  18. I'm new to your blog and so far love it, but I have this problem...

    I want to make the peanut butter ravioli and I can't find the recipe!

    Please, can you help? It won't even come up on google!!

    Thanks and keep up the good cooking!

  19. Tu as bien raison de te traiter comme une une reine ... même seule ! Moi non plus, je ne suis jamais seule le soir mais je crois que si cela arrivait, je ferais comme toi ! ;o)

  20. Ce blog est superbe et ce plat aussi.
    Première parmi de nombreuses futures visites!

  21. Merçi beaucoup ..C'est Isa:)Her recipe..

    Lea..I just posted the recipe for you.. you just have to read at the bottom of the post..good luck!

  22. Add a little chili oil and this is one of my favorites with a little fried garlic or shallot topping. Yum!

  23. Your wontons look splendid. Much better than cereal or bagel :) I like Ninette's idea. A little chili oil would top it for me. Thanks for the recipe.

  24. Oh Monique thank you for such a lovely recipe I am printing it out now. Yum can't wait to try. And Kathleen is right your photography amazes me. My food photos never come out quite right but I am continuing to practice and one day I will be happy with them I just ador all your untensils too the beautiful plates, etc. Thanks