Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soupe Du Jour~

And an apology~

I saw this soup at Foodgawker I am almost certain~

I have made many different butternut squash soups.. w/ Pancetta toppings.. and Shrimp toppings and herbs and croûtons toppings..but I had never see as pretty a presentation in my the one I saw that I have tried to emulate~.. I have lost the link and I apologize~

But I thank the artist:)

It made me like this soup even more~

Fall is in the air.. and I crave soups in this weather~
I loved the addition of Turmeric..I had always put cinnamon and ginger..never turmeric..

the rest is basically the same..

Nice size butternut squash

3 potatoes

1 onion

butter or evoo to sauté the onion..

2 celery ribs..
chicken stock and milk..

salt and pepper I add maple syrup instead of sugar~

Just the way I usually make it..apart from her lovely green onion stem:)

With appreciation..


  1. I just purchased my first butternut squash of the season, so I'm DEFINITELY all over that recipe - yum!!

    No worries about losing the link - it happens :)

    Gorgeous presentation!!

  2. A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach!

    What beautiful soup!

  3. Butternut is one of my fav soups. and you've presented it so beautifully. The days are cooling off here and its definitely soup weather.

  4. M...We have a little place called "The Blue Heron" that makes the most wonderful pumpkin soup. reminds me of this butternut soup...I always plan my visits around the soup days!!!! I cannot believe how beautiful the presentation is...very artistic...Thanks for the recette...I will make it tomorrow after a trip to the farmers Market!...Enjoy the crisp fall days!!!xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. The butternut is my favorit... but I'll never do it like the artistI can see to-day.
    Top class!

  6. you are right, the prettiest soup i have ever seen... pitter patter!

  7. That bowl of soup is just beau!
    I will copy you for sure when I make my first butternut of the year!
    Thank you for always being such an inspiration!

  8. I love turmeric too! Decorating soup is a stroke of genius and I will try this when I make some for my kids. They will be thrilled. So pretty!

  9. Quelle fraîcheur et quelle délicatesse, it's "gorgeous" !
    merci pour ton conseil pour mes gateaux de pommes de terre, j'essaierai la prochaine fois

  10. Monique, it's never easy to eat a pretty bowl of soup, is it?

    But, I try.

  11. You're not kidding about fall being in the air. I feel like it hit us so suddenly, but I totally agree about soup. I'm weather sensitive for eating too.

  12. J'avais envie d'une bonne soupe hier soir, comme quoi on voit qu'on approche de l'automne. En tous cas bravo pour l'originalité de la tienne...elle est magnifique et je craque sur ta belle présentation. Bon week-end Monique !

  13. Veggie Girl..if you roast the squash first you'll love it more:)

    Thanks everyone..If I spot something cute I like to share~

    You all do too!

  14. M... I just came by to let you know about Eleonora's blog...Funny! I see she is here already of course!!! She is delightful, glad you know hwe, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  15. Can anything be better than butternut squash soup in the fall? It just puts me in a fall and Thanksgiving mode. Your recipe sounds divine!

  16. Well, that has to be the most artfully presented soup I have every seen. Perfectly lovely, my friend! xo

  17. When I come back...

    and I always come back...

    yours is the first place I come back to.

    Its online home for me.
    Always so warm and welcoming.
    Filled with Love.


  18. Bonsoir Nana, je n'ai jamais fait de soupe à la courge, je vais garder cette recette car j'ai le goût de l'essayer. Vos photos sont magnifiques et c'est un bonheur que de les admirer.

    Passez un beau week-end.

  19. Stunning usual! Turmeric is one of my favourite ingredients. I use it in soup all the time, and it is very good for the health. Your soup is perfect for the coming Fall season.

  20. what a cute presentation monique!

    (Did I expect something else? hmmm!)

    have a wonderful weekend...

  21. A délicious painting ! Beautiful idea

  22. Beautiful presentation, M! Squash is one of my all-time fall favorites. Soup time :)

  23. That garnish is just amazing -- simple yet lovely

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