Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moving etc~

Our eldest daughter is moving~And her backyard had tons of Nasturtiums..That I LOVE!!!!

~While at her new home unpacking the kitchen boxes..I liked how she said I could "Moniqueit"..:)her kitchen... I am sure things will move and change cupboards..I think I loaded her cupboards exactly like mine are!!:)
Not practical for a family of 5 compared to a family of 2~But for now it should work a bit~

At their new home....There are some established gardens there.. a tomato patch that Noah and his built in GPS for veggies finds:) And that patch of Nasturtiums.. so big.. I have never seen so many!!!

While unpacking I found 2 things I said "oh wow"!! And... she said....take it..take them..this vintage Bonheur glass:) and a flower vase.. she has many flower vases and now no time to pick bouquets..I will have them on loan.. when her time comes.. she will have them back..

We came home at the end of the day not wanting to be in the kitchen cooking all night..we had Grilled Cajun Chicken Caesar salads..
Worked for us..
J grilled the chicken breasts..I had made the dressing before..It took so little time and we ate to our hearts content.

It's lighter fare these days..w/ sometimes only the best corn in the world for dinner~:) It won't last "want to try" recipe list is longer than my arm..!~

As of Saturday afternoon~ They are all settled into their new nest..and she has bid adieu to her nest~A new chapter..a new adventure..more lawn to mow..more vegetables to grow..more nasturtiums for me:)

I love that both my daughters have Victorian screen doors at their front entrances~
I always wanted picket fence lives for them..Picket fence lives and screen doors.
A metaphor I know..but I am sure you understand~


  1. Such a sweet post! I hope to have a strong bond with my children, like you do with your daughters. The fact that your daughter said you could "Moniqueit" her kitchen shows that you are very close. Those giant Nasturtiums are beautiful!

  2. My grandmother always grew nasturtiums around her back porch. They are one of my favorite flowers and hold so many nice memories.

    Beautiful photos, Monique. They capture the colors of the flowers perfectly.

  3. You bet I do!!! I sooo understand! Happy for your daughter and her familys NEW chapter...Great glass too, xoxo~Kathy.

  4. I wish your daughter and her family all the best in their new home!
    How exciting!

  5. Ah la belle association...tout est magique et j'adore....que te dire Monique...que je craque d'envie à chaque fois que je viens chez toi...Je te souhaite une bonne semaine !!!!

  6. C'est difficile de voir partir les enfants, je leur souhaite bonne chance,
    tes photos sont comme toujours fantastiques
    Bonne soirée

  7. How pretty! I wish them much happiness in their new home!

    I can comment again, but everything in my computer is a pics are all gigantic and I can' figure it out!
    No contacts frustrating!!

  8. Happy new home to your daughter, Monique! Nasturtiums had a great year here also, they are such pretty flowers. May you both have lots of Bonheur fixing up the new place :)

  9. My nasturtiums have exactly 3 flowers on them!

  10. Beautiful post, beautiful nasturtiums, beautiful mother and daughter time. great sald on of my all time favs

  11. Pam..that's what usually happens to mine lately..I think they thrive on neglect:) These had been neglected..:)I'm sure that's it!

  12. Oh, my! What beautiful, sunny nasturtiums to brighten my Tuesday morning - thank you!

  13. Great salad, we're also into lighter fare while it is still hot(stretching summer a bit too! Moving has its upside and downside, not matter what age. but I have to say, the older I get, the deeper my roots grow! good luck on their new home...may the nasturtiums grow profusely

  14. One of my favoite flowers. I love them planted in pots with geraniums, like they do in Italy. While the petals are beautiful - I suppose I'm most drawn to the leaves. They have such shape, color and the delicacy.

  15. (I just happened upon this old post of yours but wanted to say that I love "I always wanted picket fence lives for them..Picket fence lives and screen doors." My mom too, I'm sure. Sweet mamas that you too are. ♥)