Friday, September 11, 2009

Florence ,a Friend..and Flowers~

Sunflowers~ Be still my beating heart..

I am growing them along with basil(Jacques' is doing better than mine~)..and rosemary.. and garlic.. just because they all scream Italy to me~

A friend.. an accomplished in Florence right now~

Did I ever mention I loved Florence?.. we spent just one day..I could have spent more..I felt rushed in this city of artists..

And wished then and now..time would have moved more slowly..My friend the artist will LOVE it~

When I see these..I think of her..( and my mom of course..and Susan and Mary~ and now Chapot and Ronelle!) the palettes..all full of promise and wonder~

I hope she paints a dab or two..I know she has her Cotman pockets :)I love those!!!

I picked a bouquet of sunflowers late yesterday afternoon to celebrate Ollie w/ the bolognese sauce she left us before leaving..She bought it in Little Italy..I never buy sauces..It was great to try a good one:) I did add hot pepper flakes..but wow..this sauce coated the linguini to perfection~

We thought of her..Italy..sunflowers.. and Florence~



  1. Brava, Monique! The pasta looks beautiful. Complimenti! I love Italy too!!

  2. A beautiful post, Monique. I love sunflowers and a good pasta. I've never been to Florence and must visit someday.

  3. good morning nana, its looking as gorgeous as ever here... heavy sigh~ i love florence, sunflowers, tuscany, alas, thats why we get along, we adore so much of the same~ especially your style!

  4. Comme toi je n'ai passé qu'une seule journée à Florence, j'aurais tant voulu rester, Florence, Sienne, Gubion, Saint François d'Assise, j'étais éblouie par les couleurs, l'ambiance, la cuisine,..
    J'ai même attrapé "a goose skin" tellement c'était somptueux
    Merci de parler de moi, toi aussi tu es une artiste, tes photos sont somptueuses, c'est pourquoi j'aime venir me promener sur ton blog
    Bonne soirée

  5. Ah, wondwerful! I hope you have more luck with the sunflowers than I do. The squirrels think I am growing them for their pleasure only!!

    How nice your friend is in Florence. I love that city.

    Hope you are enjoying the new addition to the family!


  6. Your friend is so lucky as were you. What a beautiful place it must be to see, to paint, to photo!

  7. Ma ville préférée... je la connais comme ma poche pour y être allé de nombreuses fois pour des séjours plus ou moins longs... chaque fois je découvre de nouvelles choses.

  8. Ahhhh - Italia - the heartbeat of my soul. I remember each and every morsel of food that I had there. The incredible wine, the music the air. Nothing like it.

  9. Love your post...I have such beautiful memories of Florence....
    Hope you are enjoying the new babe!

  10. Me too-I spent a lone day in Florence. Twice! What an amazing city it is. These photos are amazing as well. Do you paint? Are those your palettes?