Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Daughter's Pumpkin Pie~

Is beautiful.. the edges are all cut out pumpkins.. golden and sugary.. the filling moist but set.. the cinnamony scent..divine..
The thought behind it.. sweeter than the pie~

I topped that serving w/ a dollop of whipped cream and Love In a Cage..
aka,Physalis,earth cherries,cerises de terre..Or l'amour en favorite~

It's a perfect name for the different sweet little fruit~
AS for the pie..I will get the recipe:)

The small board my Physalis are resting on..? It's a board I bought from..Ann.T..

she is hosting a giveaway..of beautiful spoons :) And she sells these boards:)
My larger board is on my sidebar here ..right below Wowzio:)

Bread looks beautiful on it too..

They are one of akind~ Do drop by and see~


  1. Oh so beautiful!

    Mme. M your extra touches make the divine SUBLIME.

    Thank you so much for the welcome home ~ I've missed you! Cannot wait to catch up on everything I've missed.

    xo ~m

  2. Wow - I just discovered your blog through "The English Kitchen". Will definetly be following your's also....your photography is gorgeous.

  3. HERE's that pie! I'll look forward to the recipe! Gorgeous photos as usual...

  4. What a beautiful pie! The earth cherry looks like a butterfly about to take flight - so pretty. I've never seen them here :(

  5. What a lovely post, Monique. I've never seen the little earth cherries before. Pumpkin pie is perfect on a chilly fall day.

    Oh, those boards are lovely!

  6. all you touch is beyond words to me... and earth cheeries, news to me!

    everyone feeling better?

  7. My goodness! That pie, that bread ... Monique, you turn everything into gold! How do you do it?! I am waiting to read about your meal with that lovely 82 year old lady!! That would be some post :) Hey, I would cook you a feast any time too.

  8. Un vrai délice, à tous les sens du terme de lire et de regarder cet article, c'est superbe !

  9. I've seen the fruit as Cape Gooseberries - but I love your name for them so much better!!

    Beautiful pie (love the crust decoration and the extra touch you added!), and you know how much I love Ann's boards! Another lovely post, Monique -

  10. Looks wonderful! Did you know there is a national pumpkin shortage this year?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Oh M...what can I say...your pictures are worth a thousand words...
    so beautiful...
    I have never seen earth cherries before...they do look a little like gooseberries...
    Just gorgeous...
    Your board is lovely...

  12. M! Earth cherries...gooseberries...I love their cuteness! Your daughter is a treasure...three little ones and baking pumpkin pie! She is you... how blessed you are to have children whos love language = GIVING...Sweet Post, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Bonsoir!My daughter is a baker at heart..I learn from both my daughters..

    I love that:)

    A little bit here and a little bit there..

    No shortage of pumpkins here at all..

    Lucky I guess..

    Mary welcome back..I missed you..and wanted emails:) to no avail:)

    Ju..I drove by my new aquaintance's house after work.. before my walk... and look forward to visiting mention of dinner but she was a chef :)How many 82 yr olds buy fresh oysters on the half shell packed in ice? I look forward to seeing her again.
    I have so much to learn:)

    Thank you..Have a great evening!

  14. The pie looks wonderful, and I have never heard of the berries..very interesting!

  15. Monique, beautiful as usual. your little touches add so much! :)

  16. Bonjour,

    C'est toi qui a gagné le prix de Epicure. J'aimerais que tu contactes avec moi et me donne ton nom au complet et adresse postale, le plus tôt possible, SVP.



  17. Tu es cruelle, aujourd'hui ... ;o)))

  18. Monique, I don't think I have seen a prettier pumpkin pie.

  19. Pumpkin pie is my son's favorite pie, so I make it at times other than Thanksgiving too. What a beautiful slice, filled with love, all the way around.


  20. Earth Cherries - I've never seen them. Charming!

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