Thursday, March 4, 2010

David And Jojo's Tea~

Have you ever heard of these teas? I love my coffee..but I love my "treat " teas too..My childhood friend Jojo.. made me discover these teas~

Different..infused teas..

I have the above skinny tea and I told her I was hoping to be exactly that by Friday:)..tomorrow.. when we have lunch together:)

But I have been enjoying the Nutty One too!

Actually both J and I have been enjoying them..The cute packaging..the aromatic scents..

It's been Tea For Two these days~

Magical Little Potions~

See the magic? Beetroot and Nuts~♥Forever Nuts? ..suits a small way:)
For certain..I will be looking into the different varieties soon~
First..The Provence one of course!~

Thank you Jojo:)~

And David's Tea~Love everything about it~


  1. Tea looks wonderful Monique...
    but I am coveting those infusers!
    Love them!

  2. I adore tea. I'm always trying new ones! Thanks for sharing these!

  3. I have a couple of cups of tea at school every day. It keeps me sane! But they don't look nearly as pretty as yours!

  4. If Jojo said they are good - I'm buying and trying!

    From one Jojo to another!

  5. Tea is my poison. I can live without coffee, but not without tea. :) I am Chinese, after all. :) The mugs are so pretty!

  6. I'm not a big tea drinker...

    but I'll drink a cup of your photography any day.

    Beautifully photographed as always.



  7. I'll have to search for these. I often have a cup before bed. And when in France, it's afternoon tea every day.
    Sweet little individual infusers that you've shown.

  8. I am mainly a tea drinker and have never heard of these teas....thanks for the introduction. I'm sure you think of your friend, Jojo as you sip a cup ;-) Makes the tea even warmer.

    You always have the best accoutrements. And of course, your pics bring them glory!


  9. I love tea..i must have my green tea everyday.!skinny te,...thats so cute...lovely mugs

  10. I always do afternoon tea -- but have never heard of these -- and like everyone else, I love those tea difusers!

  11. I highly recommend this tea..The canisters are sleek and pretty..the infusers..were a Jacques find:) really..
    From Homegoods in Florida..

    But there are links online..

    One of many..

    Thank you..have a great evening.

  12. Aha..look in stock..from that wonderful Amazon..

  13. Never heard of these teas!...
    and love tea!

    I'm just happy to know there's tea out there I haven't tried yet...
    LoVe the anticipation!

    Hi to Jojo..Laugh alot tomorrow and eat something sinful!!!


  14. The tea looks absolutely beautiful. Tea for two. That's my kind of tea.

  15. I don't drink coffé only tea , Ilove Kusmi tea
    Your tea spoons are adorable
    have a nice week end

  16. I must agree with Linda- those infusers are calling me! I will go to that tea site- living in the South, I now have many tea drinking friends
    xoxo Pattie

  17. I love my cup of afternoon tea and am always eager to try new blends. I join everybody else in commenting on those lovely infusers. So pretty.

  18. He he...I think the skinny tea should be drunk after the nutty one...We love a tea or rather a tisane, in the evenings....wonderful for a good night's sleep. there is just something elegant about having a tea. Ecaxtly like this elegant post shows! Maybe this is what I'm going to do right now, before doing some catching up...have an elegant tea(it is 4:30 here) in the lovely sun outside...and think about childhood lucky you are to have one!
    Ronelle xx

  19. I've never seen those teas but I love the Republic of Tea organic teas so much I guess I haven't looked past them on the shelf ;)

    Pretty infusers! I love tea in the afternoon - especially in the winter.

  20. Monique, I drink a lot of tea, but had never seen these.
    The tea infusers are quite a sight to behold; I would be tempted to frame them, rather than use them!

    Enjoy your weekend with your army of tiny men.

  21. I love a cup of tea in the afternoon and have recently discovered Teavana. Such wonderful blends. I never knew tea could be so flavorful.

    At home though, I mostly rely on Republic of Tea, which is good but nothing like you have.


  22. Love those teas! My daughter gave me an infuser last year that she found at MOMA in NYC. I love it...but yours is prettier!

  23. We brought back some amazing green tea from Japan. I think it would be even better in one of those infusers. Good for Jacques for finding them! And good for you for sharing these gorgeous teas with us.

  24. Ooh, I'm not a Tea drinker but those look good.
    I don't mind if you share my project as long as you link it back to me.
    Have a great weekend

  25. I hope I have an infuser! I'll be unpacking soon, after almost a year in storage!

  26. This might be a repeat! I think I goofed when I hit send. Have a great time! How can you not have a great time in NY.

  27. One day I will drink tea... am not there yet but you are making it look very inviting.

  28. One day I will drink tea... am not there yet but you are making it look very inviting.

  29. Monique, is that tea with nuts?? How interesting! Okay also, please tell me if the skinny tea works!

  30. LoL Trissa..My friend said it was working:) But she's always seen me with Rose Clored Glasses with her words..:) Always nice to me. suit tea:)

  31. These teas look very refreshing, although I've not tried them yet. YET being the operative word here. Love the mugs.

  32. forget the tea... LOOK AT THE MUGS!

    ok, the tea is fun too~

  33. I have never seen those teas before. Those mugs are lovely too. I will look for the teas.