Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 17TH~ St-Patrick's Day~

I decided on Cabbage Rolls for this week..I am not sure these are Irish at all:) But they were green~:)And my part Irish genes were involved~
I rendered bacon..added onions and garlic..some red pepper flakes..some Bahamian Hot sauce..(How Irish is that?:) )
Let cool..added the beef(or pork..! I should have marked the portions I had frozen individually)..pre-cooked leftover rice and home made roasted red peppers..salt and peppper..The mixture smelled great..
I banched the cabbage and filled and rolled w/ the mixture..
I made a tomato sauce..sweet/spicy with the leftover bacon/onion..garlic.. Chili Sauce etc..And a vegetable juice.. poured over all and some at the bottom of the dish..The dish was lined w/ cabbage too~

And .. I had blanched Asian Garlic scapes To Tie Up~To Package:)

I like comfort meals like this..all done in the morning early..and then all you do at the end of the day is pop the casserole in the oven..
We both loved this dish..the cabbage had kept a bit of it's crunch..the smokiness of the bacon..the roasted red peppers and the sweetness of the chili sauce with the garlic scapes all played a major role~
Keeper here.

I wish you all a Happy St-Patrick's Day and leave you with a little anecdote and treasures~

When I first started working at my job almost 28 years ago..there was a silver haired lady that had been doing the same job forever~
You must know what I mean by forever~

We visited homes in our late 20's and 30's 40's..while she was in her 70's ..we in our flat heeled shoes.. realtors....while she previewed and viewed and presented in high heels~ With silver hair and a lifetime of memories~An Irish Lass~:)
I still remember a ring she wore.. It said MIZPAH..I still remember who she(L.O.) said it was from..:"K.W."

He was gone by then..but I had known of him..

She is gone now..but that ring and those words.. have never left me~
It was one of the most romantic moments I ever witnessed..the day I asked her what that ring meant..and what it meant to her~

Have a wondrous St-Patrick's day~
My grandfather was of Irish descent.. married a French Canadian girl..my maiden name is Irish~My mother tongue is French~My married name is French~

Confused? It's all good:) It works~

The spoons /Killarney~..are from my mom..origins? I don't know..who had them before her~:(
The napkins are from my great neighbor ..who met her husband in Ireland(another great love story~)..

And the small Shamrock/ rhinestone pin~ from my great great aunt~landed on my lap~ And I cherish it~


  1. That sounds like a lovely and comfortable dish.....n its beautiful too. Cabbage is my favourite vegetable....we are having cabbage for dinner soon :) sauteed with garlic..very simple. :)

    n yes that was so romantic.the initials and the ring...how lovely and what lovely memories Monique!

  2. Oh, the cabbage rolls....too beautiful to eat!....almost.

    Your treasures are lovely. Thank you for sharing them along with the warm memories that they generated...

  3. Touching story M...
    Beautiful cabbages all tied up, we love those too.
    Not to fond of the "Absent from one another part"...not ready for that...
    then ..are we ever?

    Beautiful photos...you can see right through the skin of the cabbage...steamed just right.

    Have a happy day,
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Great stories...so romantic and lovely MIZPAH! and those are the most beautiful cabbage rolls ever! You amaze me, Monique. Those rolls glow!

  5. the cabbage rolls are so well presented (may I say so in English?) and must be tasty, but really wanderful is the story you told. So beautiful!

  6. Lovely cabbage rolls. I especially enjoyed your showing us some of your Irish treasures. So very special and dear to your heart. Now you have me wondering what specific townland of Ireland your "people" are from ;)
    Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day.

  7. Monique, I so very much enjoy these stories. And the cabbage rolls look wondrous!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Monique...what a beautiful post!
    Those cabbage rolls are simply stunningly beautiful...
    Love to you!
    You always make my day a little brighter!

  9. Only you can make cabbage look beautiful ;)

    Sweet stories of your co-workers, neighbors and Irish heritage.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, Monique!

  10. i love your photos. what camera do you use? but of course it's not the camera, it's your photo skills tt makes good pictures :)

  11. A beautiful dish . . .

    A beautiful story . . .

    And on March 17 isn't everyone Irish?

  12. Monique,
    The cabbage rolls are beautiful. As Kate said, "to beautiful to eat....almost".
    Brilliant to tie them with garlic scapes.
    Your treasures and memories are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  13. It's one of my new favorite dishes now~ I actually ate leftovers this evening..Thanks..

    Have a great eveninga nd day tomorrow..

    Terri..I use 3 cameras..If it's the cabbage rolls..it's Canon XSI~
    I use an Oly for food too..and a Sony for travel..

  14. Monique, what a gorgeous way to present cabbage rolls, all tied up like that!!! You always make me smile, you go that extra bit, fabulous!!!
    Thank you for your sweet words, I appreciate the love and kindness...... makes me happy that I blog with such lovely friends!!!
    I would love to be French, I am always so interested to meet people from Quebec and France.... he he I am of Ukrainian background and I married a Dutchman, but I love Scottish and French history!!!!!
    Margaret B

  15. Happy St. Patrick's Day Monique..
    Spring is coming...that's what I always think of after the 17th!
    Please stop in at my party, you will get a smile!

  16. happy st pats to you, your little bundles are hands down the cutest irishish dish i have ever seen! like your heritage, an international potpurri~

  17. I've not made cabbage rolls for a long time. have to make them again. have a nice day, monique.

  18. The Magical Monique touch is all over those pretty Cabbage Rolls! (Pretty Cabbage Rolls ~yes!. Only YOU!) Love the finishing touch of the scapes. Darling little packets.

    The stories and memories you share truly touch my heart. Very, very nice. And Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    P.S. I think you know what 'green' I shall be wearing to town today! Une telle belle, très belle oeuvre d'art. Elle me coupe le souffle!

  19. :)

    Have a great day everyone..

    Margaret..I think Motherless Daughters ...just understand each other..Did you read that book? It's very insightful.
    Thank goodness life's sprinkled with immense joys too:)

    I hope you all click and visit Mary's new little chicks:)
    You'll get smiles.

  20. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Monique!
    A truly beautiful & international post!
    I'm thrilled that you combined all the different nationalities & stories into this gorgeous photo shoot. I've never seen such pretty cabbage rolls...they look like little gifts, all wrapped up.
    I am taking notes & will incorporate your different seasonings next time I make them.
    Thank you for sharing!

    "Erin Go Braugh!"

  21. Just lovely! Both the story and the cabbage rolls. Not quite sure my mother's ever looked like that! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too!

  22. What a delightful post to come home too!! romance and happiness, memories, beauty, and wonderful food! Your cabbage rolls could eaily be spring rolls here, becasue we had 20 degrees C today...absolutely wonderful! i unpacked halfway, left it and spent the rest of the day outside in the garden. Wih I could have one of your cabbage/spring rolls now...would be a perfect end to a perfect day!

  23. Oh, Monique, what a beautiful post. I"m Irish, complete with passport. We love Ireland and go there as often as we can--its' easier from Belgium!

    Thank you for this lovely story. I can hear the lilt in her voice as she told it.

    You have to have made the most beautiful cabbage rolls ever. I think that everything you touch must be gorgeous. You're such a treasure.

  24. I used to make cabbage rolls from my Jewish sister-in-law's recipe. Never in my wildest dreams would they have looked as beautiful as yours. You gave them the magic Monique touch!

    I love your story also. I am part English, part Irish...go figure...it must've been when the countries weren't fighting each other.

    Your photos all tell their own story, each one a romantic tale that is lovelier than the next.

    Yes, let's toast to the Irish in us again next year!


  25. I love the way you tied together the cabbage bundle with garlic chive buds. Gorgeous!

  26. No I'm not confused, but now I want to hear the rest of the story. :)

    You're as bad as I am. I made Italian for Saint Patrick's. Hey it was green!

    Your cabbage rolls are beautiful. I really shouldn't be shocked you decorated them with garlic scapes, but I am. Mine are um, not as pretty lol.

  27. Monique, only you could make cabbage rolls look beautiful. I love how you tied them.

  28. Happy St. Patrick's day. I agree with Thibeault's Table. Only you could make cabbage rolls look chic.

  29. In the Philippines we used to have a dish like this - called Ninos en vuelto which I think translated to wrapped "babies" as it was wrapped in cabbage. I haven't had these in ages - reminds me of home!

  30. I would never ever, ever have thought of using the garlic chives for this purpose. You are just so creative. It's the perfect sash for those cabbage rolls. How much more perfect can they be? Plump and glistening. And the story ... and heirlooms. I didn't know you had Irish blood in you. :) Thank you for sharing those beautiful treasures. They are exquisite, and the heartwarming story too. So much love!