Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Ready~!

His homemade Prosciutto~
It's absolutely wonderful~
So good it makes me smile~

I posted about the preps here....

Last year he learned how w/ Normie..and I posted 3 threads on that:)

We had some of Normie's last weekend w/ a was as great as the first bite I ever had of theirs ap. 3 yrs ago..
We have enough for the year..and I love that feeling..something homemade that can be added to so many things..

and..this too..

I know what went in it was made.. ♥

They all look a certain way..
Some are spicy..
Some are Herbes De Provence..

Some are unique blends he made~

It's the naked eye..the small fatty lines are not really visible..In a photo they are~
I know..
I am so lucky..

He makes risotto..prosciutto..and wine.
Quite a few other dishes too..but these are the main ones.
I look forward to his's always good~

Never in a million years did I think 37 yrs ago... he would be making these things..
Granted he was a better cook than I was when we married..But I caught up..

And now.. I'd say we're even:)


  1. Oh, Monique! I am SO envious! Good prosciutto (because of the cost) is a rare luxury here. What I wouldn't give. I'm off to search and see if I can find your posts on how he did it.
    xoxo Pattie

  2. You made me laugh so hard!! Now you're even. ;) I think Jacques would be proud, not threatened. :) Having said that, please send my heartiest congratulations to him. He did a beautiful job with the prosciutto. And of course, with a lovely assistant. ;) I still have the image of you scurrying to and fro in that cold room! And now they are ready to be savoured. :)

  3. What a wonderful & special treat to have your own homemade supply! Bravo to Jacques...give him lots of hugs & praise.

    My DH helped a neighbor to make homemade kielbasa for Easter one year. It was the best we've ever tasted! Wish we still had some in the freezer now.

  4. Goodness..your dear husband makes all those things! You ARE lucky indeed Monique. Blessed. homemade and lovingly too. You live a magical life..thats all I can say.

  5. I was so interested when you started this process and love seeing the finished product. Good prociutto is such a luxury and it's fun to think about all the things you can make with it. The pizza is looking pretty good to me right now.

  6. Wow! Homemade prosciutto! Ohhh, the anticipation of something this delicious just waiting! What a special treat.

  7. Oh WOW!! I would give anything to taste some right now!! It looks amazing... Lucky you!!

  8. It's thrue, you are very lucky !
    I come back at the good time, I remember the post où tu expliquais la fabrication de ce prosciutto
    Il me fait trop envie !
    Bravo à Jacques
    Bon week end

  9. Deux perles dans la même maison ! QUel bel endroit pour vivre ! J'émigrerai bientôt, je pense ! ;o)))

  10. Impressive! Prosciutto maison! I will have to try this one day!

  11. These look amazing. I am determined to try this when I get set up in my new house. I have already bought the salt.

  12. wow, homemade prosciutto...that is something!!


  13. This is really great: homemade prosciutto!! also my cousin, who has a beautiful farm in Tuscany, preparing the ham and I still remember the taste ..... You are really lucky! Have a nice sunday!

  14. Merveilleux Monique!! Tu sais cooment
    I am very looks SO professional, not to mention delicious on all your dishes. You are a great I HAVE to ask again...please be my neighbour!

  15. I would love to learn how to do this.

    So I could bring some home
    to my father this Christmas.

    It's beautiful Nana.



  16. I wish my husband and I were even. We are so NOT even. He makes chili once a year on superbowl Sunday.

  17. It looks wonderful! Enjoy every bite of it..I would!

  18. I'm so glad the wait was worth it. Looks fabulous, just wish I could have a taste. I'm really in the mood for some proscuitto and fresh mozzarella. Yummy.
    And yes, that was a wall telephone on the right side of that photo I posted. It was beige in color, and was in our family for about 30 years. I wish I had that phone in my kitchen now!

  19. I almost to the chair was not another phone, but one of those big ashtrays on a stand. Yuk!

  20. Ooh, they are out!!I was expecting them in April! They look absolutely wonderful. You are so lucky... wow just occurred to me you will need a slicer to slice them super thin... my heartiest congratulations to Jacques.

  21. You are lucky! What I enjoyed the most about your post is how you said Jacques was a better cook than you when you were first married and now you are now even ;) Very cute!

    Enjoy the prociutto! It looks wonderful. Tell Jacques he has fans ;)

  22. Such a luxury Monique...the Prociutto....
    and having a man that enjoys the process in making it.

    You are both fortunate to have the "Cooking Gene" and enjoying each others offerings so much!

    Life is good...

    I would be tempted to keep a little journal of the dishes you used the prociutto in ...from this batch....

    Another possible cookbook!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  23. what a great thing that you both love to cook the proscuitto looks wonderful

  24. Monique -this is fantastic! Ever since I read the first post on it I have been patiently waiting.... and finally it's here! Very very well done!

  25. Ah Monique...what can I say? Such tours de force coming from both of your loving hands. Your are quite the team! Cuisine became the great marital equalizer....just love it!

    Thanks for bringing us along on your prosciutto journey. Dare I try it?

    Please thank Jacques and tell him how impressive this is....maybe you'll become "La Table de Nana et Papa" ;-))


  26. I must tell you that he peeks at my blog and appreciates at all the nice comments..and smiles too..

    Thanks..have a great Sunday~

  27. Well, this is amazing. I've read back over your previous posts on this little journey. You are right, what a great feeling to be able to use your own 'product'....knowing exactly what is in it and how it was made. Lovely!

  28. Monique, all of your posts make me smile.

    What could be more special and delicious than homemade Prosciutto made with "love". The secret ingredient.

  29. You are both the Bomb!
    I am just so thrilled at having seen your Prosciutto made from start to finish...
    I can almost taste it right through the screen...

  30. Wow what a fabulous achievement! I would never have thought of attempting this, and it looks amazing! Jealous, me? Just a tad.... :)

  31. i know you both had so much fun making this~