Monday, March 8, 2010

Soul Food #46

I've mentioned many times how much I enjoy The Graphics Fairy site~

She has a nice feature.. a Brag Monday..
I had the opportunity to look the last couple of weeks ..There is so much inspiration there for nice craft ideas.

I loved one of the ideas and had the right accoutrements apart from the wire.I used a coat hanger and it was a bit tough to shape the rim ..I didn't even add the time I will..with better wire~

My Basil is looking a little forlorn.. but it's windowsill basil:)

I enjoyed this project and I thank the Graphics Fairy and also..The Lost Bird Studio.. where I got the whole idea.I was infatuated w/ hers:)♥

I used Burlap..the printable fabric.. a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.. and some wire..I copied the graphic w/my HP copier on the printable fabric.I ironed it onto the burlap..sewed a bag..w/ a little hem at the top to insert the make a hard form..It keeps the bag open and stiff..That's it..added raffia and a clothespeg.
Fun project.. for potted plants..fresh flowers..clothes peg wrapping~

My soul food could have been our glorious weather..I have never seen a month of March like this..But I had prepared this in case any of you don't have great weather and want something fun to do..I knw Mary is creating.. this one's for her~


  1. It turned out beautifully, Monique! I wish my window basil looked 1/2 as good as yours. I'm going to pitch it & start some fresh from seed.

    I would love to try making this little project. I have the printable fabric on hand. ~~Off to see the G. Fairy now~~ Thanks for sharing your's!!

  2. Gorgeous Monique....I have one do you copy teh graphic onto teh fabric using your copier machine? I've been trying to figure that out but I had to ask you because I drew a total blank on that one!

    You just have teh most gorgeous lights in your home. everything looks ethereal.... everything catches the light just I wld love to photograph with light like that.

  3. And I have my windowsill basil in a coffee mug! This is a great idea...I'll check out the site, as I have a project on the front burner and maybe I can use it. Yes, your light is just amazing, as is the way you capture it.

    We had wonderful weather here too, and it is supposed to continue for most of the week!! Finally!

    Thanks and enjoy your day.


  4. Zurin.. it's funny I think that of your photos.~
    I have no luck w/ artificial lights or night.I have tried the tips and tricks and so many generous bloggers share and it just doesn't work yet for me.

    I must say..I feel guilty to say to my husband please start eating while I try and take a photo..what's the purpose of our nice little dinners together if I say just start eating w/out me..

    He may as well be in a resto..

    I like to sit and eat w/ him.

    But daylight desserts..or lunches that are cool..or crafts.. that's easier...and I must say fun.

    Do you have what's called Printable Fabric? The make I have is Avery..#03384 here in Canada.The finish is cotton it says..I find it a bit papery..and the flip is glossy..

    I save the design I want on my Photoshop..but I am quite sure you do not need Photoshop..I go to Print..with my paper inserted the right a test on a reg.sheet of make sure you do not print on that shiny side.

    At first I left the setting on reg. paper when they asked what type of paper I was using and it definitely did not work..It stopped almost immediately..I now chose special photo paper setting.And it has worked. Enough that I bought a new package of this paper last week.

    So insert your paper the right way..push print..and the image comes out printed on the cottony side..Then you place the shiny side on the burlap..or the cotton as in the purses ..and iron on..that's it.

    You could use Iron on TSHIRT transfer paper..but then you iron the transfer onto a fabric..and you flip it..

    Zurin..I like this little craft for purses etc.. little muslin pouches and now these..If you need any additional info..please email me and I will walk you through every step maybe in a better way?I would be happy to.
    You can make quilts..napkins..personalized gifts..Easter Christmas..all kinds of things.
    These caught my eye..Do go visit the 2 wonderful blogs..I have mentioned others here also..As musch as so many share great ..presentations..these other creative blogs share ideas for the craft days.
    Have fun..Just today at The French Bear.. the most darling little French Cuffs..:)

  5. Your little burlap bags are lovely, Monique. I've found some amazing graphics at Graphics Fairy too. Isn't it fun when little things we make turn out so well?

  6. Monique, thank you so much for the info, I get the total picture now. your explanation is crystal clear and so methodical it leaves me without questions.

    I willhave to look and see if there is such a fabric here. There are several craft stores around so I will ask. Those graphics are precious.I have been to one of the sites u recommended b4 and I registered as a follower ~ the graphics Fairy~ gorgeous...just my kind of graphics!

    i love craft but soemtimes im not very organized n find myself without much time n energy to indulge but I do fancy making little things like thta. it has yet to become a reality...:D

    tq so much Monique. I really appreciate it. :))

  7. Lovely idea! It would be so fun be able to present a little something to somebody!

    I took a quite look...the site is going to be so much fun to explore!

  8. What a cute project! You are always so clever.

  9. I could never do this, Nana. I leave it to you and Zurin to create the magic. :) I'm happy just gawking and oohing and aahing. ;) Even your windowsill basil gets dolled up!

  10. Monique, every time I see you create beautiful things like these, I am convinced that it is a thing that only you ladies would do in the West. There is another site which you probably know that blows me away : Carolyn of Aiken House & Garden. It's a little like the home depot thing...home depot was in Singapore more than 20years ago- it flopped miserably. People here just don't get handy- possibly because labour is cheaper here hence, we can always get things made for us. I still remember how in awe I was when my American colleagues was telling me how they need to work on house projects after work and on weekends. One even build his house from scratch!

  11. What a clever idea. Thanks for the details on fabric printing, it is something I haven't done yet.

  12. Monique, I adore that bag! I will be looking for that fabric here too
    xoxo Pattie

  13. How perfectly charming for your home! I little clothespin dragonfly - so cute. My basil looks quite similar - not great.

  14. Hi Monique,
    your burlap bag turned out gorgeous
    and your basil looks good.
    Thanks for linking back to me -
    have a wonderful day

  15. Love the project - will definitely make one.

    For those who cannot find the fabric paper locally, you can order the product on-line at They have a large selection of printable papers and lots of ideas for projects. They also have a blog and free downloadable images - I've been following them for years.
    Thanks, Monique, for sharing this!

  16. So beautiful. Love how you explained the "how to" in your comments to Zurin. I was always wondering about the process. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Love love love the simplicity and creativity of this idea!

  18. Que d'imagination et de créativité !
    Et comme d'habitude des photos tellement belles, que du bonheur !

  19. C'est adorable comme petites attentif, si beau.
    Tu est tres douee et tres gentille en genereuse, j'ai vraiment de la chance de te connais..toujours une inpiration!

  20. such a cute little bag and i understand eting and photography my poor family waits for me when i take food photos and we eat lukewarm instead of hot not nice they are so kind

  21. C'est vraiment très joli!!! une belle idée, vraiment...

  22. Bonjour Monique, j'admire ce que tu fais c'est tellement beau, je verrais bien ce genre de projet chez moi, lol!
    Il faudrait bien que je m'essaie un jour.

    Les sites que tu as partagé sont vraiment inspirants.

    Passe une belle journée.

  23. What lovely dressing for your herbs!

  24. Your talent for crafts, cooking and photography, and writing as well never fail to inspire!

  25. Monique, you make me wish that I was crafty. I love all your little projects.

    Your basil looks wonderful in that pretty little burlap bag.


  26. I saw those M....and yours turned out beautifully...
    I will try some soon maybe...
    Keeping ones hands busy is such good therapy!

    I'm thankful for the G. Fairy....
    a great source for lovely!!!!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  27. I know.. It's just wonderful how sharing ideas on the internet can bring such joy to people.

    When I look at all the ideas..and think of people that may be itching to create.. or sometimes lonely..or not well..or worried.. I wonder if they know that their generosity may just be keeping someone happier.

    I won't have ideas every week..soon it will be the gardens..etc..But if I learn anything..I'll share:)

    Thanks for the nice comments..I liked making this one so much ..
    I think those of you who have an interest in this kind of thing.. could create wonders.

  28. SO beautiful! I love your blo. Such an inspiration!

  29. Your basil, also if it isn't "Genovese" looks really great inside your new cute bag! You give us so many beautiful ideas! Thank you, and kisses from Genova under the snow!!!!

  30. Monique, So beautiful! You are inspiring me to pull out my sewing machine!
    Isn't it the most wondrous March? It gives me hope for Spring!


    I get you:)

    Ahh..the ideas are not mine..I am simply sharing the true artists works so you can have fun too:)
    Thank you.