Monday, March 29, 2010

Ricardo ~ Beet Marinated Eggs and Spinach Salad~

It is no secret that I admire Ricardo Larrivée..his shows..his magazine ,his recipes..My favorite cake for a special occasion was gleaned from one of his magazines~ I have mentioned him numerous times here ~

This one,from his most recent magazine,does not disappoint..I am posting a bit early to give you time to pick up ingredients you might be missing:)

You marinate your beets and hard boiled eggs in a pickling vinegar for 24 hrs..together in the same jar..this is what gives the eggs their beautiful color and fanciful taste.
It's a perfect Easter Salad..Plus how gorgeous are eggs and beets marinating in a clear jar in the fridge with mustard and celery seed swirling around?♥
This issue is packed with great and recipes~

He's going to have chickens again..Like Mary:)

La Recette~

First for the Beet Marinated Eggs

12 small beets
12 pee wee eggs
2 1/2 cups white distilled vinegar
1 cup water
1 1/2 cups of sugar
1 tbs salt
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsp mustard seed

1.Cook the beets in a pot in water ap 30mins or until tender.
Put in cold water and peel.
Put in a glass jar..
2.In a casserole place your eggs bring to a rolling boil and cover..remove from heat and let sit 12 mins.
Place in cold water to stop cooking..Peel the eggs and add to the beets that you have cut and placed in the canning jar.
3. In a pot bring vinegar ,water,sugar salt and spices to a boil.Pour over the beets and eggs.
Temper,close and refrigerate 24 hrs.
Cut the eggs in half to appreciate their beauty when serving~
And now the salad~
1/4 cup EVOO
2 tbps white wine vinegar..(I used white balsamic)
2 tbsps fresh snipped chives
1 tsp Dijon
1/2 tsp honey
1 garlic clove minced
salt and pepper

6 cups baby spinach
6 marinated eggs
6 marinated beets quartered.
In a bowl mix all dressing ingredients.
On plates..pace the w/ beets and eggs..add the vinaigrette and adjust seasoning~

The vinaigrette is perfect~ I may add some nuts to garnish next time..

I think Spring is in the air~It's raining today..but this weekend..I did see green Spring~♥


  1. Lovely! I have used beet-dyed eggs at Spring luncheons- they always seem perfect. Thank you, Monique
    xoxo Pattie

  2. A handy way to dye egg! Natural, too! Love love this post.

  3. How pretty M...
    Makes a beautiful salad!.
    I see your green!!!!
    Isn't it wonderful?
    hopefully 70's by the weekend!!!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Oh yes, these are perfect! I love Ricardo, he is so cute..... I love his accent and he just seems to be a happy soul!!!
    This would be nice in any salad that calls for hard boiled eggs, don't you think?
    Margaret B

  5. I'd have to say that pickled beets are one of my favourite foods, so, these eggs in combination are so colourful... just in time for Easter.

  6. The eggs are gorgeous! How beautiful. We have those marbled tea eggs, and now I see this. I will try it some day, when I have beets on hand. They are too lovely, especially in salads. Spring is in the air ... that's wonderful!

  7. I love those red eggs. Now I see what you mean when you said you were watching Ricardo.. I had no idea what you meant... he's a chef... cool!

  8. What a lovely spring time salad. The beautiful jewel tone color of the egg is wonderful with beets and greens. I was wondering who Ricardo was.

  9. This is so cool! It is common for us to marinate hard boiled eggs in soya sauce - ending up with a deep brown colour egg - but this is so 'wow', would definitely need to try.

  10. Je découvre votre blog grâce à votre visite chez moi. Que de jolies photos et de belles gourmandises !

  11. . I love his accent and he just seems to be a happy soul!!!
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  12. I am not a fan of boiled eggs or pickled beets, but your pics make me want to revisit that idea!! They are so beautiful, how could they not taste just as lovely?

    I am a fan of yours, and through you a fan of Ricardo. Thanks!

  13. I'm not familiar with Ricardo. Are any of his publications in English? He sounds fabulous.

  14. you know I'm not a fan of hard boiled eggs but those are lovely!(to look at, not to eat!) :)

  15. This is a beautiful way to present a spinach and beet salad. Lovely!

  16. We called them "beeted eggs" when we were children. I've loved them since I can remember. Thanks for reminding me!


  17. OMG those are simply beautiful to look at...
    Of course your eggs are perfectly hard boiled!
    I have never had a pickled hard cooked egg....I do love beets though.
    You make everything look so delicious!

  18. ahh pretty in pink! i love how you give us time to copy too~

  19. Quelle jolie idée pour Pâques...
    ici aussi, le jeune homme d'habitude préfère les starwars mais pour le build a bear, il a craqué!

  20. Beautiful. The pee wee eggs are so cute.

  21. Monique, I'd forgotten all about making pretty PINK eggs for Easter...thanks so much for posting your mixture. I'll be sure to do some before Sunday.

    Have a Blessed Easter!

  22. Enjoy..It's really quite good..Of course all his recipes are tested and delicious..Yes Happy Easter to everyone!

  23. We had spinach and eggs for dinner last night ;) Not pretty, red eggs like yours and Ricardo's though. The honey-Dijon vinaigrette sounds delicious!

  24. You and Ricardo ~ what a perfect combination! I'm so happy you share him with us. I tried to subscribe to his mag. but I don't think they send to the US ~ so I follow him on the CA Food Network.

    I love when you share his inspiration with us ~ your artistry and talent move them to new levels. An artists' touch ~ c'est beau!

  25. A touch of romantic burgundy at the Easter table..beautiful! May you have a festive Easter!
    Ronelle x

  26. I've finnaly made them!Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!

  27. Simply, but gorgeous! Gongrats!
    Have a nice weekend