Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It all started with Costco~

I never buy frozen foods~The above is not frozen food:)

But last week while there for frozen fish:) Like salmon trout and cod ..etc..I saw a Sushi set..I thought ..it would be fun to try it..

Just to see..

Cause you know how I love my little men..♥

And it was good..I know it's not real Sushi..but it was frozen and fresh and cute and good:)

We liked it..it didn't taste wet ..like frozen cooked shrimp..the rice was well flavored..the calories low..it was superbly packaged and I will buy it again..
But I wanted it again soon:) and wanted to see if I could freeze them also~

So I made some again..this time..inverted too..like they had~

and it worked..

The shrimp? well the rice worked..but I could not get my shrimp to cook flat and perfect even with a tray and a Le Creuset pot top on top..:(

Any suggestions as to how they get their shrimp to lie so dociley (Sp?) flat and pretty?

..All in all it still turned out tasty..But I would have preferred the shrimp flat ~

See? They are not well formed:(

Any tips?
Thank you~


  1. I's 8 am and it looks so good! We don't have a Costco, but I'll check out my Sam's Club. Our Walmarts here have a fresh sushi bar that's surprisingly good. You can stand and watch them make it if you go in the morning. I love your Little Man bowls, where did you find them?

  2. I wish I had the answer for you, Monique, but I think your shrimp look fantastic. I'm usually very happy with what I purchase at Costco. They have the most strict quality control policy.

  3. I love those little men too! They are adorable. Believe it or not, I have never tried making sushi. :( I must try one day, even though I am terribly daunted by it. You inspire me. Nana, did you see this: http://www.bento.com/trt-jumbo.html

  4. Good Morning...
    Your sushi looks wonderful and delicious...I have not made any rolls for awhile...
    To make the shrimp come out straight.
    Straighten them out and run a small wooden skewer through it before you cook. That will keep them straight.
    Let them cool off with the skewer still in so they do not curl up.

    Hmmmmm....I need to make some California rolls!

  5. Hey Little T you and I were posting at the same time....
    But that us what I do with the shrimp too!

  6. I really like the look of your shrimp. It appears more "real" than the flat look.
    You are so right about the quality of Costco products. We sell our honeydew to them. We have to have special boxes just for them. Wish we had one in our area.
    Love your posting.
    Ladybug Creek

  7. I truly enjoy making Sushi..as you can see but my shrimps were not as pretty as Cosco,Ju I think you found the answer!Thank you..
    And I can only imagine how gorgeous yours will be when you try.

    I will try that next time..Thank you so much for looking for me for the technique...The little sushi servers are from Stokes..The make is : JOE.There are 2 to a box..2 plates..two men..two nestled bowls..4 chopsticks:)

  8. Quel talent tu as!! Tes photos sont une pure Merveille pour les pupilles:)) xxx

  9. It is 6:30 AM so now I am craving sushi. Good thing there are many little sushi shops around...will they be open before I go to work?

  10. Monique your Sushi looks perfect to me. I love when you use your little men. Too cute.


  11. I have no idea how to cook flat shrimp! I love sushi and this looks so good!

  12. Monique, I LOVE sushi and would never have thought to buy frozen! Off to Costco I go!
    xoxo Pattie

  13. Very very pretty Monique! You're a star!

  14. It all LOOKS very pretty..but I don't like sushi..I do love shrimp!
    I love your little men!

  15. That is really good looking. I have had sushi from costco and at first it didn't set well with me. I am used to the sushi being made in front of me nice and fresh.

  16. Who needs flat shrimp??? Yours have personality and I love your plate... it just looks so darn appetizing! I have to admit... I am addicted to pickled ginger... I have been known to snack on it right from the fridge...that and the wasabi... I am crazy about it.
    You have definitely gotten me in the mood for sushi!

  17. I am trying again...I think I am picky about sushi. I had some that disagreed with me once. I do, however, love shrimp and the I totally am onboard with the shrimp rolls and a California roll!

    Yours look delicious!

  18. I wish we had a Costco nearby. The closest one is about an hour away so not worth joining :( I wish I could offer a tip on the shrimp. I sure your shrimp and sushi were even better than Costco - even if they didn't want to be flat.

  19. I'm not big on sushi, but my kids love it. I shop Costco often and I never would have thought to buy frozen sushi. Your sushi looks amazing. I love your little men.

  20. Hi Monique, just answering your question about the yeast. I have never used dried yeast with these, but I would think that if you did, perhaps one packet would be enough. Not sure how much is in one packet, but it would be the same as what you would use for one bread recipe. Hope this helps.

  21. Thansk Marie..that's a big help..I have european packets..hopefully it will work.
    Deanne I eat Wasabi and pickled ginger like you also:)

    Thanks ladies..the next shrimp will be skewered!
    I don't know if I like real sushi..I have only experimented with these california rolls..My daughters love the real thing..
    Have a wonderful day~

  22. I was going to tell you to skewer the shrimp but I noticed everyone else said the same thing! But it looks so delicious and healthy as it is! I love sushi!

  23. ooooooooo looooooooove sushi !

  24. This is gorgeous, just as everything you present. I wish I could help, but I'm not sure how to make the shrimp flat. I sure wish there was a Cosco near us in the mountains.

  25. One day I've taken sushi from the supermarket fridge. Not good as fresh sushi but better than ecpected.

  26. Hi Monique,

    Costco is dangerous lol! How cool, you made your own sushi. I need that skill here. I of course have no idea how to make flat shrimp. Maybe you'll teach me when you figure it out.


  27. It looks so delicious Monique...mouthwatering. your shrimps don't look bad. to make them flat, it would probably be best to skewer them in-and-out..it gets them quite flat..
    Now I have a desire for sushi too! And your little men are so cute..

  28. You have inspired me to run to Costco tomorrow! The sushi looks fabulous but I have never made it myself so I don't have any advice. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos - I just signed on to follow your blog. Stop by and visit me sometime at www.stephaniesavorsthemoment.com. Looking forward to your next post!

  29. Frozen sushis... I have to admit I consider it sacrilege but looking at your pictures, they do look good.

  30. Not only a very cute post on your end...but helpful....thanks for saying hello! you're wonderful...

  31. Your sushi looks fantastic. I love your little man!

  32. Thanks for the tips..and interest..I will drop by Stephanie..
    Have a wonderful day.

  33. This is very impressive! You're a threat to any sushi master!

  34. I think your shrimp have personality...and I'm sure good taste. They are perfect. I remember those little men...they add just the right touch.

    I now need to dust off my chopsticks, but I'm not sure if I'm up to making my own sushi yet. I'm glad I have it available just down the street :-)

    Thanks for another wonderful post.

  35. Aren't you just so clever, we tried making suchi once and now we buy it. Tells you something doesn't it ha ha !!!

  36. When I want flat long shrimp, I skewer them raw on a kebab stick so that they are long and steam them over a pot of boiling water to cook. If you want to put them in a pot, you can cut the ends off the stick so they will fit in.
    You can also choose to use raw shrimp with the shell on for a red-er color after cooking.
    After cooking, remove the skewer as well as any shell, and cut along the bottom (where the legs were) and press flat.

    You can check out how mine came out here: http://forfood.rezimo.com/?p=200 ...it's a really old post, but I think the picture will give you a good idea.

    Hope this helps!

  37. Everything looks wonderful! I've never seen frozen sushi at our closest Costco ~ but they do have "fresh" (premade) and it's pretty good!

    Lots of good advice for making flat shrimp here. I do it about the same way... like this: http://japanesefood.about.com/od/sushiforbeginner/ss/shrimpforsushi.htm

    That site offers pretty good advice about other Japanese food, too.

    Gorgeous photos ~ (can you please some of that sunshine my way, please?!) :D

  38. there is nothing you can not do... and to think you do it all to the very best~

  39. I wish I had the answer for you, Monique, but I think your shrimp look fantastic. I'm usually very happy with what I purchase at Costco. They have the most strict quality control policy.
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