Thursday, March 11, 2010

Une Joie~Deux Joies~

As if these sweet new things were not joy enough to look at:)

I think it feels like getting a new Barbie when you're little..She's always the prettiest at that time..especially if you don't have many like in my day:)
A new toy in the kitchen that you've never worked with or seen in person..
Is just so much fun.

I had wanted to make Ju proud and make the famous pineapple tarts..even a trip to my Asian store left me empty handed on the pineapple jam front..and no time to make it yesterday..

So I improvised..

And used fig jam..and orange pineapple marmalade.

They are so dainty..I would think perfect with tea..they are mini bites of cuteness in an elegant way.And like that charge card commercial me? Priceless♥

I gleaned recipes from here and there..:)

Basically butter ..corn starch..flour.. salt etc..I did not use the wash to brown them because I didn't want to mess mine up..I am not the best wash person for the attractive factor:)

Encore une fois Merçi Ju.

And again gracious thanks to the Graphics Fairy for my vintage teapot~


  1. OH my Goodness Monique. I was wondering what u were talking about Monique!!! Did Ju give u those tart presses? They are adorable! and you certainly made her proud. they are beautiful and you make them even more beautiful with your magical fairy tale touch! gorgeous..

  2. Oh I forget to mention that when I was taking the photographs of the tart press I was all the time thinking of you Monique. I knew just how you would photogrph them in your lovely light and believe me I tried to get the same effect. I think i managed half way with the first photo on my post but nothing compared to yours!

    You made them look so special.

    beautiful post Monique.
    xoxo Zurin

  3. Zurin..I was shy after I posted MINE and saw YOURS..We are so funny!In a way it's a good thing I did not see yours first..I may have recoiled!

    I had emailed Ju yesterday as soon as I made them to tell her how excited I was ..but the photos were still in the camera.

    Thank you.

  4. Both you and Zurin have wonderful posts and photos of the lovely little tarts...what fun! Like little jewels with their jam filling.

    I know you will get many questions about where you found the little tart molds, Monique. I would love to know. Isn't it fun to find something new?

  5. Bonjour Monique, ils sont en effet très mignons trop beau pour être mangé, ;0).

    Passe une belle journée.

  6. Oh, Monique! I don't believe it! I have pineapple tarts on the brain myself today! I was just talking to sweet Zurin about them. These are precious! SO wonderful
    xoxo Pattie

  7. Monique, these look like they could be in the window of a gourmet bakery. Ooh, la, la.

  8. Oh, my. Aren't these adorable? Perfect with a cup of tea. What gorgeous little tart molds. What gorgeous little tarts! What gorgeous photos.

    Thanks for the eye candy.

  9. I'm with Kate...Beautiful eye candy...will have to stay in my eye and memory for now...Not on my diet plan!

    But as always...beautiful M.
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. Que c'est joli ! Ces pineapple tarts m'avaient bien plu chez JU ...

  11. They are so pretty! The molds themselves are beautiful. I love the little presses and your choice of filling sound delicious. Tea time will be good today!

  12. Far too beautiful to eat... they glow in the sun... fabulous photos and gorgeous execution!

  13. Little jewels, they are. Just like you!

    Thanks for the lovely post and thanks to Ju for the inspiration.


  14. It is so fascinating to see something so familiar made so special by you. Yes, I remember you mentioned Ju had sent you these with the Ang Paos :). These are very common here and are great for jam tarts or cookies. Sometimes, I think with the blogosphere becoming so borderless, we can open shop and start selling the things/props we use in our photos LOL...

  15. Precious, Monique. Just precious. I couldn't have made a better tart. They are glowing in that gentle light. Like angelic newborns. ;) I can literally smell them.

    The shop that I bought these molds from closed recently. :( I went home so sad. I loved spending time in there.

    It's such a coincidence you and Zurin both made these at the same time. :) Great minds think alike!

    I only had 1 barbie doll growing up. They were terribly expensive :( My daughter on the other hand, has more than 20. I was so indulgent when she was little because I thought she was going to be the only child. LOL. Now the dolls are in a box because "dolls are not cool". Drat! I guess they will stay in there until I have a granddaughter? :)

    À Bientôt.

  16. They look so beautiful!!!


  17. Oui! Too pretty to eat!

    I would want to WEAR them... they look like beautiful jewels. :D

    How sweet of Ju, and you did the moulds/forms proud, M! Very nice.

  18. oh Nana, they are adorable and look heavenly.

    then again everything you touch,
    finds itself a little bit of heaven.



  19. Beautiful tart press, beautiful tarts and beautiful pictures!!

  20. Sweeeeeeeet!! What fantastic little morsels & so beautifully presented, Monique!

    They look like dazzling little gifts that are almost luminous in your fabulous photos. I'm green with envy! BRAVO & well done!

    Now I must hurry over to Zurin's to see the ones she made. so fun!

  21. It was SO much fun to use something sent from one friend to another and then onto me..
    Ju you loved that store! That's too did say you bought the last ones..perhaps they were not restocking because of their closure?I hope you will be able to find another store that pleases you in this dept.
    Your only child turned into 3..:) ♥

    I saved my daughters doll cradles etc..for my grandaughters..And life blessed us with 4 grandsons:)

    I still have my little wicker one..that my girls used.. ..
    Thank you and have a great mind spins w/ fillings..for these little jewels.

  22. How very beautiful Monique! I'd even go so far as to say stunning!!

  23. OH boy those are spectacular!
    I love them and your fillings look perfect!

    I can not wait to try them too...:)

    One thing that I saw on the net were people using a cookie press instead of a mold...that is about the only thing I can think of that we can approximate here...

    Beautiful Monique!

  24. I received emails asking about the molds:) I googled and Ebay has some..Good luck to you all..

    I would and will maybe add to mine..they are a joy to work with..

    But nothing I will ever buy can match this feeling.
    I know..many of you know what I mean.
    "Oh what a feeling:)"~
    I can tell you that you would not regret having these little molds that let the sun shine through..
    I made more this afternoon:) Seedless Blackberry Jam.

  25. This looks like another kitchen tool that I will have to get. Great post.

  26. Monique, your little tarts are like jewels waiting to be strung. I wanted to pull one off my screen and pop it quickly into my mouth. Oh, your fabulous photos are such a treat!

  27. These cookies are fantastic - what intricate moulds. I like that they keep their shape throughout baking, rather than fade as so many do. Delicious and beautiful!

  28. Quand le beurre devient vraiment un produit d'exception... très beau !

  29. these are so beautiful... such a pristine little bite... oh my i love them! where did you get the mold? cute cute cute!