Friday, March 19, 2010

Lego Cupcakes and Fairies~

We had 3 of the little ones Wednesday afternoon..The swings are up..the property is almost walkable now.. the grass is brown and cold still.. patches and heaps of snow remain.. but what a March~♥

A new little Fairy Garden at the base of the Swing Tree has been opened for the season..

I made these treats for the 2 older boys..

I think it's the first time when their dad came home to pick them up..they said: Come See:.. I had made 4.. they took 2 home..

Cute cute little Lego shaped candies..:)

I'm so glad spring is just around the corner~

The Mini Cupcakes are just my carrot cake recipe..~


  1. Monique, everything you do is so special. The lego garnish is so cute and I love the little fairy garden.

  2. How adorable your cupcakes are! I haven't seen Lego candies yet ~ but then I haven't searched for them either ;) Soon!

    What a charming new Fairy habitat. I can see the boys were enchanted also!

    We enjoyed the most glorious weather this past week as well and it is wonderful to see the garden waking up again. We may get snow tomorrow though :(

  3. are probably the best Nana ever...those boys are so lucky and so are you because you have those little cheeks and backs of the neck(my favorite spot) to kiss....
    A young and vibrant Nana is dream come true!
    I agree with Ann...everything you do is so special! The fairy garden is so adorable!

    What did you do with the rest of the batter...that is what I want to know? lol...
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Goodness.. they are so cute, Monique.. your grand kids must feel like royalty with so much magic around them!!!

  5. See i was are a fairy! you come up with the most glorious things and food Monique...if i was a grandchild id like u to be my nana.

  6. You made me smile, Nana. :) The second photo - is that Lulu or Max? - reminded me of Gulliver's Travels! How adorable is that?! I want to play too! I used to think only girls get all the nice, special, cute cupcakes, but obviously I am so wrong! ;) Boys can have their cute (cup)cakes and eat them too.

  7. Love the Fairy SIL and I are placing one at the bottom of a very special tree - to use our imagination is magical. Your grand-babies are adorable. Lego cupcakes - only you would do these - such fun.

  8. Oh, Monique, I love the fairy garden! What a wonderful idea. Are the lego candies sour? They look interesting, especially on top of the cupcakes!

  9. Monique, my little angels LOVE those candies- and plans are in the works for my little Princess and Grandma to make a crystal fairy garden- we're collecting materials :) You're a wonderful Nana making wonderful memories
    xoxo Pattie

  10. I don't know what's more precious: Your sweet little ones, the cupcakes or the fairy house. We have a fairy door on our front porch so that the wee folk can come in.

  11. Oh so magical that fairy garden! And the cupcakes are delightful. What lucky little ones.


  12. It's Max in the color photo.. Lulu and Max in the black and whites..Poodle is there also:) The angel baby~:)
    Tammy I thought of the front door:)

    I think I have to add some Transformer Fairies:)~
    Time will tell♥
    I made 2 small bunny carrot cakes..(For some reason I thought if I bought a bunny mold I would have a 3 dimensional bunny..Haha..
    You need the reverse head:(

    Oh well I'll see what I can do..(Blush..)

  13. Your grandsons are as sweet as the cupcakes!
    I think Poodle has to be the most adorable nickname (and baby) ever.
    Lucky, lucky boys!

  14. I need to do this for my girls. I need to find some fairy stuff now.

    Gee, you make everything beautiful. You have quite a knack for that.

  15. The children are so adorable- you must have enjoyed having them over. The Lego candies are so pretty, the boys must have been excited...

  16. Love the cupcakes-the boys must have been impressed!
    Thank you for your comments on my blog-I am on the lookout for another similar chair.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  17. You always make me smile. I love your Fairy Garden and the cupcakes are adorable. My son would have loved both. Lucky Grand kids!

  18. I was admiring the soft muted colored lego candies! I love them!

  19. Tu les as bien gâtés, les petits ! C'est toujours joli, ce que tu fais !
    Le petit jardin ... et ta photo en noir et blanc des balançoires bien alignées ... et ces petits cupcakes décorés de légo ... J'aime tout, encore une fois ! ;o)
    Ici aussi, le printemps semble s'être installé ! Soleil magnifique et températures douces ... On aurait presqu'envie de pique-niques sur la plage. IL faut revenir ici, Monique ! ;o))
    Grosses bises et bonne journée

  20. They are edible right? My nephew would absolutely love them!

  21. These are simply adorable! Wonderful little mini cupcakes. Say, can you tell me where you find those cupcake wrappers? They are impossible to find it seems...I suppose one can get them online?

  22. I can't decide which ae the cutest...the boys, the fairy garden or the cupcakes...or you as gramma!! I decided this time you win. I hope I can be around when your grandkids have grown up ant talk about these days with their grandparents..looking through the photot's and remembering! It will be so special. You are leaving them such beautiful memories...and of course you have fun while doing it! I love everything about this psot Monique...its sentiment, beauty and the spring you bring to us!
    Ronelle xx

  23. How magical! Did you find any left over Leprechauns and pots of gold?..The cupcakes are wonderful!

  24. How cute everything is! Can you please let me know where to find those LEGO candy. I'm helping a friend plan her son's birthday party and it's a LEGO theme. Would love to buy them.

    Thanks so much!


  25. Oh these are adorable - I love your blog, what an absolute treat for me eyes:) Vanessa, Australia (

  26. You knew I'd love that fairy garden - so special. Great location under the swing tree :) Happy Spring Monique!!

  27. Oh Monique my mother used to do the same thing for my girls. She had a cute little house and some tiny frog ornaments, she would sprinkle babypowder around the little house and say it was fairy dust, the girls delighted in it what a great nana you are.

  28. Where would we be without our Grands?...
    and our imaginations?
    and the land of Fairies...
    and cupcakes...and lego candies...
    and this memorable MARCH!
    I adore your babies...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  29. Je reste un moment sans venir par manque de temps et puis je retrouve tes photos toujours aussi jolies.
    Tes petits cupcakes décorés de Lego sont top.
    Le printemps est là depuis quelques jours, il fait doux: la ciboulette et l'ail des ours pointent leurs feuilles vertes... j'adore.
    A très vite.

  30. Thank you~It's snowing and your comments are melting the snow....'s funny ..that is a great question..I have never thought of..but it is an amazing question..
    It changes the course of your life.

    Kim I love the baby powder idea..I must try that! It's one of my favorite scents~
    I got the Edible Montreal..Chez Oscar..I gleaned the store name from Isa ..gave the rest to my daughter w/ the older boys.. if you are in the USA perhaps a Google search?

    I hope you find them~

    Thank you.

  31. In my next life I want to be your grandchild :-)

    A visit to Nana's house with all of the fun, love and imaginative treats will be with them forever. I always wanted to make a little fairy garden for my kids. It was all built in my mind....maybe one day I'll have a second chance.

    I used to get these Lego candies when my son was younger and thought they were so clever. They are even more clever on top of yummy carrot cupcakes.

    Happy Spring!

  32. Breathtakingly adorable! Especially your little men. *So Sweet!*

    What a wonderful Nana you are! Thank you for sharing the happiness with all of us. xo

  33. I haven't seen lego candies in Australia. They make your cupcakes look extra special!

  34. What a charming new Fairy habitat. I can see the boys were enchanted also!
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  35. I can't get over your photography talent! Do you have a site just for your photos?