Monday, March 29, 2010

Soul Food #48

Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were--Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter.
Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Peter Rabbit, opening words

Mine of course are named Lulu,Max Noah and Poodle~
What to do with an extra one?

Tucked it in a little basket with some daffodils and brought it to my neighbor~
I hung it on her front door while she was out one afternoon this weekend~ She was out doing nice things for people as usual.

..It's the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Days~
I love to put them to good use by spreading the thought~

Graphics~ Courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

I had shown the little bag idea before..
Thank you~Little children's Easter bags could be so cute..more colorful w/ the other graphics etc..~
Even Easter napkins w/ her ephemera..go see.. so many cute graphics.


  1. You are so thoughtful and kind, i love your idea of the little bags! I love this time of year because it really means spring is coming!!! Nothing says love like chocolate bunnies!
    Margaret B

  2. What a sweet thing to do... your neighbor must have been thrilled with the little bag of Spring!

  3. What a lovely surprise to come home to.

  4. Monique, this is such a sweet idea- I think I'll be making this today's project with my children
    xoxo Pattie

  5. The little foil bunny looks so cute tucked inside the bag with the daffodils! What a cute idea and so thoughtful of you to honor your neighbor for her good deeds.

  6. who doesn't love surprises...she of vourse will love(loved) it! And I'm sure she is so used to receiving thise cute little surpises by you, she will immediately know it is from you.
    Hartman and I ate SO many chocolate eggs at Coin Perdu this weekend...and I bought a cutest little chicken today..put it in the kitchen, it makes me chuckle every time I pass. It feels like happy Easter already!
    Ronelle xx

  7. Monique! That bag! :D

    I know how your neighbour must feel when she gets home. ;)

  8. I love stopping by to see you...
    you are really an angel Monique!

  9. Love the bunny and great way to use up the last one - I would have eaten it up in no time. I replied on my blog to your question about my latest Sara photos - hope you saw it. Happy Daffodil Day and Happy Easter Week. Hugs to my future son-in-law :)

  10. We have Daffodil Day here too..
    A good cause for sure..
    Hope you and the bunnies have a blessed Easter!

  11. I love that bag!! And the bunnies, too. :)

  12. Thanks! Evi..thank you I wish I had an Apple:)


    It's we left home..and my husband pulled over on an off ramp to take off his winter jacket(I am always cold) and the car was warming up for me....and the first car that drove by..a young woman..stopped and said:"Do you need help?":)

    Everyone we saw..strangers included..said hello.. etc etc..

    It's really a gracious place out there..with so many small little kindnesses that make a day better.

    It doesn't take much..
    Ju ..I am so happy you are satisfied with so small a thing as far as snail mail goes:)♥
    Ronelle.. Easter eggs @ CP sound like a holiday..well deserved..Indulge indulge indulge!
    Have a great evening~

  13. How lovely for your neighbour. I can see the smile on her face even now. I thought maybe you would tell us you were adding to your little collection of grand children ha ha! I love their little nick names so cute.

  14. Monique, how sweet and thoughtful..:) I would love to have you as my neighbour!

  15. What a sweet thing to do... your neighbor must have been thrilled with the little bag of Spring!
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  16. What a lucky neighbor you have....and such a beautiful spring basket.

    You are amazing!

  17. Bless your heart, and as pretty on the inside as you are beautiful on the outside. (So incredibly creative, too!)

    How lucky we are that you have chosen to blog! I'm sure your neighbor's heart skipped a beat when she discovered your lovely treat. It's darling! And so appropriate. xo

  18. Oh I love those chocolate bunnies (I'm not a chocolate person but I must confess I ate MANY of them at Easter)! And the little bag with daffodils for your neighbor too! What a sweet thought!
    Your pictures are very inspiring to me!
    P.S to reply to ypur question, in Italy at the moment.