Sunday, March 21, 2010

Soul Food #47~

This nodding white flower blooms in early spring and is often the source of poetic inspiration. ...
The Snowdrop~
It's been a while since a small hand held a small bouquet up to me as a gift~♥
Saturday was a bouquet way..I guess I am a very lucky girl.. 2 bouquets in a little more than one big gorgeous bouquet.. and one small gorgeous bouquet~
Texture courtesy of ...Les Brumes~
Bonne Semaine..
Posting Early~


  1. You are blessed Monique- as is your family to have you
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Lovely, I can't think of anything sweeter!!! Love the photo!
    Margaret B

  3. I always look forward to your soul food. Love snowdrops and there are none at Linderhof! I will change that this year!

  4. Happy Spring my friend!

    Snowdrops are always the first around here ~ the promise of Spring, even through a blanket of snow!

    Beautiful image, and lovely thoughts.

  5. How lovely. Small hands, small bouquets . . . such a treasure.

  6. It looks like a painting! Love the effect you did for this photo. Did you kiss that small hand? :)

  7. I haven't been successful growing them here :( but I love their dainty shape and graceful curve.

  8. What a magic photo..looks like an old albumen print from the beginnings of photography... lovely. I am crazy about Fox-Talbot... that's what it reminded me of... his 1840's pictures.

  9. A dreamy photo Monique...and given to you by tiny hands..!
    The snow drop and the deeppurple violet are my two favourite early spring flowers..Je les adore et j'ai toujours quelques petites vases(petites tasses!) remplies de violettes et perce neiges.
    Magnifique photo..comme tjourjours
    Ronelle xx

  10. Just beautiful always!
    Happy Spring to you!

  11. Ah...2 bouquets. You are one lucky lady, as are those you touch.

    Happy Spring!

  12. The perfect gift...from your perfect little one..Hugs,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Cara Monique,

    Stupenda! The photo awakens my dreams. Love the texture, the nodding flower, the off-colour. Lucky you! Happiness is... Bouquets handed over by little ones. Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  14. Have a great day..thanks for understanding the bouquet:)

  15. so sweet, and that you get to enjoy it all early now too~

  16. Lovely, I can't think of anything sweeter!!! Love the photo!
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