Monday, February 9, 2009

Coup De Coeur~ Heartbeets:)

We recently had dinner at one of my DD's and her family..
Frédérick and she are a great combo in the kitchen.
I mentioned when we went that she had been in charge of a decadently delicious dessert and he the main dish.. A Ricardo..pork dish.
We all loved it..the whole family.
I was intent on making it myself..

I had pork.. the REAL maple syrup..and had just bought beets.(Knowing full well they were to make this: )

This recipe is just soo delicious.Too delicious.
I snapped 2 pics before dinner all plated and when you are both ravenous.. it just does not work.I was walking to my chair trying to take a photo.
So all I can share is the recipe..
Now mind you..I like sweet w/ meat.I love many of the sweet main meat dishes.. especially the asian ones..I love spicy sweet chutneys with lamb stews..I love rack of lamb with honey mustard pecan crusts..There is no stopping me w/ sweet and meat.
The General..etc:)
Here is the recipe for those of you who also like this type of dish.
Oven temp..350 F
2 pork loins
3/4 C maple syrup
3/4 cup chicken broth
1/4 cup Worcestershire
2 small beets..peeled and diced

s and p

Coriander encrust the pork w/ s and p.
Butter and evoo.

Stir maple syrup,broth, worcestershire and beets .. cook until thickened a bit and beets tender..ap 20 mins.

Seize your pork that you have seasoned w/ s&p and coriander butter..
on all sides..
Coat and drape w/ thickened sauce and bake at 350 for ap 15 mins..

Remove pork to a plate and tent.. return the oven proof skillet that you have seized and cooked the pork in and continue to cook sauce until thickened again..return pork to pan and drape w/ sauce.. slice thinly and serve w/ additional drizzles of sauce on top.
I served mine w/ arugula mashed potatoes.
Slurp.Close your eyes good.
I wish my beautiful beet leaves had stayed as pretty as they were when I bought them.

4 stars for an easy weeknight dish..and I would readily and happily serve company w/ it if I was as fabulous as Fred in the kitchen at last minute cooking:)
He could be the next Food Network Star.
No contest.


  1. that sounds really good! i finally parted with my ca maple syrup can, i had it over a year, good to the last drop, or should i be singing memories...

    wish you had a pic, you know its easier to copy you that way...

    just think what a milestone if i serve scott fresh beets! heaven knows we need a meal around here...

  2. I love beets. My mother made them often and I developed a taste for them early. The combination with the pork and maple syrup sounds delightful!

    It's wonderful having SILs who are good cooks ;)

  3. I love beets as well and I also love sweet meats so this will definitely be one to try soon. I've never tried the maple syrup on pork yet, but it sure is good on chicken.

    How wonderful to have a chef son-in-law!

  4. M, that does sound good. And not too complicated for someone like me. Embarrassed to say, but I only remember having fresh beets for the first time last year, using a recipe from Susan. Time to try them again. Is it pork loin or tenderloin? I'm not always sure which to use. I so get the taking a pic of the plate while carrying it to the table!

  5. I love sweet meat dishes and beets also. I will definitely try this dish, it sounds divine. Thank you for all that you share!

  6. Monique, 4 stars from you is quite the compliment.

    It must be gratifying when you create a meal that is so satisfying and delicious.

    I enjoy pickled beets but have never eaten beets cooked.

  7. M, the dish sounds wonderful, especially the maple syrup with the pork..I'm not fond of beets but in this dish I think I could handle them!!

  8. It sounds wonderful, Monique..a different twist on a compote...

  9. I love beets, too, but would never have thought to pair them up with pork loin and maple syrup. Genius!

    Fresh beets are such a treat.