Saturday, February 7, 2009


On a plate..

Noah and his mommy came for lunch this week.I had fallen prey to these heart shaped pasta raviolis at Costco..What better opportunty to make them!
I like trying to make good raviolis at hand..but their colors lured me in.I have never tinted my ravioli I thought.."oh just get them":)

I'm glad I felt fun for me too.
I served them with a quick tomato sauce I make at the last minute from one of my idols:Josée DiStasio.
I don't get her TV program..but she has DVDs of her France and Italy trips out.. some cookbooks..and I do catch her on other shows.
Her basic sauce in one of her books is so easy.

Some garlic
a 28 ozs can of diced tomatoes
and some sugar ..which is optional..but I do put it..
I added pasrley too.
It's just right w/ this dish.
I know Valentine's is days away..but anytime I can slip a heart in:) Is a good time.
I cringe though when I see a photo of myself and one of my daughters at that time some 34 yrs long red skirts I had made us to match with white heart eyelet pockets:) She wasn't even one.. And I was all of 21.


  1. Oh, Monique! This ravioli is just too too cute! I love it. What a sweet lunch you had. I love hearts too. And I'll bet the 34 year old pic is precious and nothing to be cringed at at all.

  2. M, I bet Noah just loved these heart shped ravioli..did he try to make them finger food??? Matching outfits..too cute!!

  3. Darling, Monique!
    (And the Heart Ravioli are darling, too.) [grin]

    Your presentation is perfection! Thank you for the recipe for the sauce, and the recommendation of Josée DiStasio, too. I'll go look. :)

    The only thing missing is the picture of you and DD in the matching skirts! How CUTE that must be. xo~m

  4. What cute ravioli ... and your presentation is LOVEly ... the pop of green basil and the splashes of your sauce. ... Perfect.

    Sounds like a sweet lunch with two of your sweeties.

    I CAN picture you and your daughter (at one) in matching skirts (made with love).

  5. Oh perfect is that! Could you have found anything better for Valentine's Day. I don't think so.

    You and your daughter in matching skirts. What a wonderful, precious memory.

  6. Those are adorable! I bet the kids loved them..
    I never saw them at Costco...I must look...there's still time before Heart day..:)

  7. Just precious! The kids (old and young) must have loved them. I don't think I could have resisted them had I seen them either. Nice post Monique.

  8. I say the more hearts we give our family, the better ;) I can just see the two of you in those skirts!

    Your ravioli looks delighfully tasty. I remember you shared her recipe for minestrone with me - it was wonderful.

  9. I've never seen a heart I didn't love :-) February is my favorite month, everything is hearts. Thank you for adding another heart to my collection.

  10. What lovely ravioli! Loving this valentine's occasion.

  11. Those heart ravioli are really cute! I haven't seen anything like them around here. The sauce sounds simple to make so I'll have to remember that.
    You are such a tease...telling us about the photo but not showing it :-) I bet you are both beautiful!

  12. Je découvre un blog magique et des mots en francais..le comprends-tu ????? car sincèrement cela me ferait plaisir de t'écrire et te mettre dans mes liens du monde...C'est un univers plein de tendresse et je craque sur chaque photo que je regarde de gourmandise...Bravo, bravo et bravo Nana

  13. Those look just perfect for Valentine's Day!!

  14. Well my goodness, this is just TOO CUTE!

  15. Those are super adorable. What an easy and cute idea!

  16. Eléonora..Oui..Oui je comprends tout..Ma langue maternelle!

    Je suis canadienne française..Je vais te visiter:)

    Thank you for the nice comments everyone..!