Monday, February 16, 2009

I could hang my straw hat here..

And there~

For a while..if my family was near~


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos Monique.

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Monique, happy birthday to you. (I'm humming the little tune as you read this) Have a wonderous day.

  2. you now i love ever single pic you shared with me, what a perfect bday memory for you to wonder around in purple, with a straw hat, then skinny dip in the med~

    hope you have an extra happy bday nbf~

  3. oy i needed glasses, look at all those mistakes up there! but happy bday still stands...

  4. Happy Birthday, Monique
    May you have a happy, healthy year...many, many of them!

    Those blue flowers jumped out at you know what they are??

  5. I love these photos!
    Thank you for sharing little peeks into your travels. xoxo~

  6. Ah, Lourmarin. One of my favorite villages.

  7. M, I just love seeing these pics... such an eye for beauty you have!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Monique!

  8. Yeah, I could stand that for a while. :)

    Hope you have a terrific birthday!

  9. Gorgeous photos Monique, never tire looking at them!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY & only the best wishes for you in the coming year !!

  10. I love your doors and windows. I will never forget your birthday as it is the same day as Jeff's :-)

    I wish you a wonderful day filled with love & joy! Happy Birthday, my Friend!

  11. Reminiscing about your European trip ... What a lovely way to spend your birthday. ... Bonne Anniversaire!

    I hope your day is filled with joy ... And kisses from les petits garçons.

  12. Wishing you a birthday that leaves you wishing for nothing!


    16 more days. Spain.

    was in Germany and Spain last year.
    I want to see more more more...

  13. I love the photos! Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

  14. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Monique. The pics are beautiful. The second to last is like a painting. Well they all are. And the blue flowered vine! Love it.

  15. Each and everyone of you thank you.
    Kate.. 15 days now..hope you will take us along~At your return maybe? I look forward to it!
    I discovered I love travel.Maybe I wa got lucky with where we went:)

    It was a once in a lifetime..
    I am grateful for it.
    Blue and white is everywhere in provence..the people are warm and friendly..the markets colorful.

    Italy is rich in landscapes also..and earthy ambers warm the views at every stop.
    I would have loved to see the sunflower fields..most were gone when we arrived.. a few fields of forgotten older aging hanging heads reamined.
    My new neighbour is an artist and lived in the south of France for many years.
    The Sunflowers are often depicted in her an analogy to become older.
    Her work is out of this world.
    MY birthday was just right.I saw everyone in my family.That's just right.
    I had also won a dinner for 2 in a wonderful resto and since it is one of my DD's bdays also this week.. I took her.
    We chose 6 Tapas.. We could have had all..Our hostess assured us that the prize had no monetary limit~ How generous is that?
    I loved every tapas.. even the Foie Gras..which was my DD's choice.. it was served with a chocolate strawberry sauce.
    This young chef's presentations are simply beautiful.
    He is a very nice talented young man.
    We had super generous portions.. he cooks in an open kitchen.. Loved it~
    Thank you again..I hardly go out for dinner so I just had to mention this wonderful pretty delicious meal .

  16. PS Linda..Lourmarin..Great eye!! I loved that place also:)

  17. I'm a newbie so trying to catch up on entries...Love, love the window pictures! The blue flowers by one door is called Blue Plumbago (it always comes in white, but harder to find) - you can buy Blue Plumbago in most nurseries in the US- at least in the South - it's a heirloom plant here - loves full sun. Hope to return to France and Italy soon.