Saturday, February 28, 2009

Je Voudrais voir La Mer~

One of my very favourite songs..I had it in my head while preparing for Jain's DB Beach Party..

He loves the beach too..

As much as I do..

I like the little individual butter bells..

For 2..they are perfect..

Just 2 have time to ponder old beach memories..

And create new ones winter!Where even here messages can be found in bottles if you like to play~

I love this's from Fifi.I mention Fifi because she is not on cooking forums..Just a fabulously nice editor/decorator.

Oops.. true..this is about food..
WFD on our beach party day?

Squid Ink Pasta and Shrimp..

I only like squid ink pasta freshly made..(not by me) not boxed.

I have wonderful memories of the two of us on the beach!And have pics to remind me .....


  1. That is a beautiful beach pic...makes you feel warmer, eh??

    3 more months and we will be at the beach here..our youngest eating the sand, right, M?? Last summer, we could hold him down, but he will be on the loose this out!
    I can't wait!

  2. I really love the romance you put in your posts, the message in a bottle speaks the loudest to me in this one.

  3. thank you darling for your beachy keen day, you know how much i love it!

  4. I know how much you love the sea! Your shrimp and pasta look wonderful. I've only had squid ink pasta once - it was great.

  5. M, a lovely post, as lovely as you! I'll always remember you at the beach.

  6. The beach just makes everything so right doesn't it?

    Thanks for coming:)

  7. Love the cup and Fifi too ;) Your photos are gorgeous, make me want to go to the beach this weekend but we have to pull weeds. Thank you for the getaway! xo~Tracie