Friday, February 20, 2009

Preserving Lemons~

Oh I hope they turn out~!

I would love to always have a stash..:) For rice.. couscous..

They said Meyer.. No Meyers here ...I used what I found..and Orangette shared her leaves for the photos.I love lemons and oranges in the sun.. we actually had 2 minutes of it Friday and all day Saturday~

I'll keep you posted..

They are already vain..admiring their reflection in the glass~


  1. I've done it and they've worked fine.

  2. they look beautiful, i should have sent you meyers...

    did you have fun? send me pics!

  3. M, those will be wonderful. I've meant to make them and never seem to get around to it. And I have a whole package of Meyers in the fridge at the moment. Your pics are just stunning!

  4. So pretty. I love the "admiring their reflection" part of your post!

  5. They look pretty! I have never tried that, great idea...
    I am so glad you got some sun! We had some yesterday, but pouring today!
    We had a surprise overnight visit from the kids..
    absolute bedlam here, and I napped as soon as they left...Nana needs new batteries! :)

  6. You may not have much sunshine in the winter but you sure do know how to make the most of it! Gorgeous, sunfilled post...and I too love the reflection shot!

  7. A beautiful dose of sunshine! My preserved lemons came out fine, and they're nice to have on hand.

  8. Good luck - any special method you used or just googled??? They look divine!

  9. Oh, Monique, you may not have had much sunlight, but what you had is radiant.... heavenly.

    The leaves and lemons just say sunshine.

    I'm sure the lemons will turn out well; you have the magic touch.

  10. Kathleen..I spnet most of the day doing a system restore after Saturday's dinner here..
    Active little ones aren't they?

    I found stickers in my napkins after the laundry..and they didn't eat at the table:) Too funny..

    I did just google..basically clean lemons..clean jar.. and a special way of peeling and coating with the salt..pushing to extract juice..all the liquid is the juice of the lemons.
    If you need some sunshine..try them!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies~

  11. I hope your system was restored...I like that! Good term!