Saturday, February 14, 2009

Filet Mignon with fig and pom sauce~

My husband came home with a nice filet mignon that he divided into ind. portions..
I found this recipe for a sauce..and we've decided it's a keeper..

He grilled the filets on the BBQ.. we had arugula mashed potatoes again and grilled broccoli..My notes..I added pomagranate arils to the sauce.
Very good..


  1. I do love a good piece of meat. Ribeye is my favorite but filet comes in close to the top! Arugula mashed potatoes? That sounds really good.

  2. What a great-sounding (and looking!) meal - The recipe for the sauce is very appealing to me, as well. I'm saving it for my next filet mignon dinner! Thanks, Monique.

  3. Looks delicious.... I read your comment on Ann's blog about Costco meat. We just has some filet from there, also .... very tasty, and tender.

    Wondeful composition on the second photo, Monique.

  4. It looks delicious...Steak here last night too...
    The pic is great!

  5. Oh this looks just so delicious!
    Takes my breath away...

  6. Holy cow! These pictures should come with a warning!

    Monique, your V-day dinner looks and sounds sinfully-delicious!