Sunday, February 1, 2009


I love to give things that look good before you even eat them.
One of my daughters gave me a set of little pink cupcake boxes..I loved them and since found a set of these white ones..the possibilities are endless:)

White just goes with everything.

I packaged some of the Alegra muffins for Noah's family.

They just say more than "Bran Muffins" wrapped up like this to me:)

I am looking forward to offering 2 tea cups like Mary did w/ cello this weekend..We have 2 opportunities for them:)
I hope mine look as nice as hers..
I bought some little crowns on Etsy.. a very nice person in Seattle..I'll try and use them in a way to show off his work and share.


  1. Black and white and beautiful....

    They definitely say more than "Bran Muffins" when wrapped like you did. Who ever knew that bran muffins could be so elegant!

  2. Beau, beau, beau!

    I adore black and white, always crisp and fresh.

    Superb packaging Mme. Magical Monique! Who wouldn't be THRILLED with such a lovely gift? Very nice!

    I can't wait to see what YOU do with tea cups, I know you'll blow us away. :)

    Oooh, those crowns sound interesting. I love Etsy, too. xo~m.

  3. Yes, those are packaged "Monique Style". Pretty, pretty! I see ribbon, I always think of you!

  4. Monique, they look so pretty! And I agree, I love to dress it up...
    I am sure your teacups will be lovely!
    Will you show us? :)

  5. So lovely, Monique. I'm partial to black and white too.

    Love the rooster on your sidebar.

  6. They will be like your Mary... I HOPE:) Remeber the tea cups with goodies in them..then cello?:)

    One event was canceled..So just one now..Sat..

    Jayne..I still have your ribbons:)

  7. Monique, what a beautiful way to present these muffins. Just so very elegant looking. I love the look of black and white!

  8. so adorable, never do you let the opportunity pass to make things special~

  9. Adorable, sweet, perfect...only you :-)

    Can't wait to see the crowns :-)