Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angel Wings and Other Things~

My daughters have very cute gift ideas..

One gave me American Eagle Outfitters house slippers/shoes that look like a fair isle sweater for feet with Birkenstock soles~ She had some and I admired them.
I live in slippers here in winter when no one but J and I are home:)

My other daughter gave me very cute Paris glasses that will go so well with a beautiful table setting for 2 my friend Jain sent me..(I really like all things French~I will share them all soon..:)
I wanted to show you these adorable cookie cutters my daughter gave me..
Thay are for very important people..special people..
They hang on the sides of your teacup..
Angel Wings for angels:)

I had rose bud tea this morning..I love it!..(Frédérick gave it to me a while ago..Little dried floral..perfect for the sugar cookie wings~)

Plse forgive the telltale lipstick~ :)

Lipstick marks always remind me of my mom.. who never wore make-up..but always had her Revlon Red on when she went out.
Did I tell you I loved everything about her:)?

Here are the darling:) cookie cutters for you to see..

Thank you~x


  1. Those are "Heavenly"!! Who wouldn't want a cup of tea like that???..
    You received great gifts..ones you love!

  2. Love those, Monique! So right for you...your daughters give perfect gifts.

  3. Adorable wings..... what a perfect gift. ... What sweet gifts from you daughters .... They seem to know the perfect gifts for their sweet mother and the boys' Nana.

  4. So beautiful..angels always remind me of my Mother, so these cookie cutters are perfect!!

  5. What wonderful gifts. Love the little wings. My sister needs those!

  6. Those are cute cookie cutters! Plus you get to eat two because wings come in a pair :-)
    Your family knows you well, picking out the perfect gifts.

  7. Thanks ladies..The girls do have great ideas:)

  8. Oh, I think I may swoon. And I just did.

    M, I'll be out of town for the next few days, without my laptop, but I wanted to point out, that I'm already missing you.