Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day~2009~

I never ever believed I would see 55 and 2009..Oy that sounded so old and ancient to me a couple of decades ago:)

I was 17 just yesterday :)So much importance on this day..So much commercialism..
I actually said to my husband..plse don't buy a card.We just know.

He bought me a beautiful card~

I do love the hearts though..and all the pretty things that revolve around them..and I did love the fact that Ben Affleck asked Jennifer Aniston to marry him in the cute movie I saw this week~
Come to think of was a cute Valentine's movie:)

I was inspired to post today because I made cookies for the boys.. and cookies for a friend..and thought of Jain and Mary and Sol.. All 3 have inspired so many of my new ideas..Not only those 3.. many on the internet have inspired
I just told J today..I have learned so much on the internet.
About many things~

This little plate..minus the cookie and the crumb..came to me a couple of years ago via Jain..

It was for Lulu..We only had Lulu then..

These are the pecan linzers..I will post the recipe if anyone wants it..different than the other~

I made 3/4 Nutella because my daughter is right:)

and 1/4 jam because I wanted to see red:)

I made Sol's little heart steamcups that you saw yesterday~:)

And Mary's painted cookies~

Never as pretty as Mary's..and all her idea..but I do love making these!

These were the boys Valentine cookies w/ rice papers that Jain sent me last year..from Fancy Flours..I ordered some from them this year also and Jain was nice enough to ship to me ..

Fancy Flours is a beautiful site!!

My dear neighbour brought me a package.. a spot we had muffins and coffee at in town a while ago..I thought that was so sweet..

I ribboned some linzers ..

And set a mini table for 2 at lunch...

I've always love cupids and hearts you see:)

These have been in our home for as long as I can remember~

I made a small seafood salad for lunch that I put in my puff pastry hearts..

Have fun today..

This is a little tribute to..

Jojo gave me this Fairy years and years ago..she hasn't aged one bit:)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you and J... a lovely and gracious couple.

  2. Gorgeous Monique!

    You already know my thoughts and feelings about your Valentine's Day tribute :) but I just had to stop by your blog, too ~ to gaze a little longer at your lovely images.

    Exquisite! xo~m

    P.S. 17 WAS just yesterday, wasn't it?! *sigh*

  3. There are times when after reading a blog you want to say nothing because


    you liked it that much, and words might ruin it.

    I liked it that much.

    Happy Valentines Day~

  4. Monique, such a sweet, lovely post.

    Your life is filled with so much love because you give so much love.

    You are truly a sweetheart, not only on Valentine's but always.

  5. Pretty cookies, puff pastry, dishes and sentiments...
    Have a lovely day with your friend, Monique....

  6. Absolutely beautiful!

    Happy Valentines Day to you & yours!

  7. Oh my goodness! I've never bumped in here before! Your blog is charming and lovely and makes me long to be back at home where someone waits for my Valentines' wishes to come true.

    Happy Valentines and every day!

  8. Thank you for you really nice comments.

  9. I thought I left a comment yesterday but it is not here....
    This is just so beautiful...all of your cookies...everything...
    Just magnificent...

  10. The beauty that you create in food and photography comes from within. Your love, joy and zest for life shines through. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend.

  11. Monique, a chick after my own ... heart.

    My friend, you really went all out on this one; from the cookies to the beautiful china, you've made Cupid very proud indeed, and left me speechless. Almost.
    You know I could never shut up, even if you paid me. See?

  12. This blog is beautiful. It is soo inspirational. So are your doaughter's blueberry muffins! I baked them yesterday and they were a hit!