Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another staple here~

When we roast a chicken..or poach one..
I always save the carcass w/ some meat..
I then either roast the carcass..or quickly just put it in a pot w/ herbs and onions and carrots and onions , some garlic..and let simmer away until I get a flavorful stock..

These small bouqets garnis are favored by me..

This week I made a pot of my chicken noodle soup.. and we brought it to our daughter's for a light lunch with the boys..
I love the light in her dining room at lunch time not to mention the company.

The boys didn't love it..I think it was the fault of the "foreign" pasta.I added spinach leaves I bought in Italy:)

Stick to tried and true w/ wee ones~
Chicken Noodle Soup..Not Spinach Leaf soup.


  1. Grandkids and spinach leaf soup don't mix? I'll have to write that one in my journal for the future :-) I think I would love that soup, I certainly loved 1000 days in Tuscany you pictured.

  2. M, DD does have nice light in her dining room. Super picutre with the steam rising. I'm sure your soup was beyond delicious and one day the wee ones will be more accepting of new ingredients.

  3. "Stick to tried and true w/ wee ones." Good advice!! Beautiful and (I'm sure) delicious soup!!

  4. Monique, I'm roasting a chicken today, and stock is what I often make with the carcass.

    Your soup looks so wonderfully delicious. And I think the steam emanating from it would warm my body and soul.
    And I have to comment on the color and undulated shape of the soup bowl. Pure Lurve!

    Btw, Thumper also dislikes anything that remotely resembles a vegetable, particularly greens, on his plate.

    But like your wee ones, he is crazy for Chicken Noodle Soup. In fact, that's what his friends have nicknamed him.

  5. Monique, I always chuckle out loud (literally) when I read, "The boys didn't love it."

    What a sweet way to say it. I think Addi would LOVE it. She really likes greens and salads.

    The picture of your bouquets garnis is so sharp. I love seeing the steam come off the bowl.

  6. I can just see the little darlings looking up at Grandma wondering how to put it in words they didn't like it.. give them a few years and they will like everything!

    Your photos are absolutely stunning... and the soup itself I wish I had a bowl tonight!!

  7. Barb,I'll use my journal for my thoughts on Spinach leaves:)

    Marsha..take all the notes you want.. I am learning also..

    It just happened so fast here w/ 3 in 4 yrs.. well 3 plus 2:)

    Godd night!

  8. It looks delicious, Monique, and I can relate..
    We just got back from a visit to the wee ones!
    And brought them Chicken Soup!
    Finally, L, likes it and when we left, she said, "Nana are you leaving the soup here??" LOL
    Made my day!

  9. Monique, I can see why you like the lighting. Another amazing photo. I love the steam rising.

    I'd be happy with a bowl of your soup. I love spinach in chicken soup.