Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something we grew up with~

Salmon Pies...
I often make extra mashed potatoes....as was the case yesterday with the Ricardo pork dish..
I love to make additional mashed .. to make other dishes..staples..like Sheperds pies..and salmon pies..pierogies..
Tonight was salmon pie~

I like these mini Staubs..I recommend them..

Simply mix your mashed potatoes with either fresh cooked salmon or a can of salmon..Season to your liking..top with puff pastry..bake at 375 F.. for ap 45 mins.
We eat this with a fresh salad.
I add sautéed onions to my mashed potatoes for thsi dish and some Herbes De Provence~


  1. I just bought some of the mini Staubs - red! Would have never thought of this recipe..I like the individual serving idea.. As usual, great photo presentation, what an eye!!

  2. Yes, beautiful pic..They look delicious and you know me and fish!
    Your mini's are so cute!

  3. Mmmmm, that sounds delicious! This sounds like a wonderful way to use leftover salmon too. I love your little minis.

  4. I just saw a pink heart mini LC that tempted me until I saw the price ;-)

    I love your little blue mini's and at first I thought you were going to say the leftover mashed potoes were going to be the crust, but then I saw the beautiful photos. So is the filling thick like mashed potato texture? It sure sounds good. I bought my beets this morning for the pork dish.

  5. Marsha..I bought my minis..red and blue from my dear:) Amazon.com..Keep peeking..They were affordable.

    The filling is thick..mashed potato thick:)

    Barb..you must keep this in the journal~:)

  6. Monique, such a beautiful salmon pie. The crust is perfect. I always click on your pictures to enlarge them. I want/need to see all the lovely detail.

    Wonderful photo.... i love how you captured the small amount off liquid that overflowed.

    Darling Staubs....

  7. Monique...the wee Staubs... sweet! The salmon pies sound so good... and easy quick. I would love... DH would not. Same story, always.

  8. I'm sure I'd love these. So pretty Monique!

  9. Oh, you know I love mini anything. So pretty!

  10. So pretty Monique! I've never had Salmon Pie like that, but it's a great idea and what a comforting meal.

    You know I love the mini-staubs, and your photos really highlight them well. I think of you each time I use mine. They bring happy thoughts of you. :)

  11. Well, I didn't grow up eating anything that looked that good. If I had, it wouldn't have taken me 30 years to learn to like salmon.

    This sounds simple and looks so good. And I think the tiny Staubs can only enhance the dining experience.

    I get a lot of inspiration from you, my dear M.

  12. superbe!!! ça donne vraiment envie!!!

  13. Bonsoir~ Hi~

    Thanks everyone..my nightime photos leave so much to be desired..it's nice of you to drop a note or 2..but if I just stick to sunny days..It will only be dessert..As in "Eat Dessert First"~:)
    Winter is looong here:)
    Karyne..j'ai trouvé Clermont sur une carte samedi soir chez des amis:)!