Friday, February 27, 2009

Fabulous Figs~

And Moût De Raisin~

My love affair with figs started a few years ago and was only enhanced this September..when we went here..

and stayed here..

We had figs on les lieux..To pick from trees and savour~

Peek through the entrance by the gourds..there it is~

I was overjoyed to find figs yesterday..perfect figs..

My friend had recommended Mout de Raisin for fruits and ice cream etc..I picked some up yesterday and decided to try it on figs..
A match made in heaven!

Wrapped in Prosciutto and served on mesclun and arugula was delicious!

A little bit of European heaven..on a terribly rainy bleak day here..
Sunshine and travel on a plate.
Saveurs de France et d'Italie~


  1. pure art, you still are wowing me 8 years later~

    in the car today scott and i were talking about how i have meet so many wonderful bloggers, but you still hold all the magic after all these years~ your appreciation for it all shows daily with your kind eyes and soul. i am so glad you are my nbf~ i saw lots of beauty today, but you still impress me!

    scott just said our dishwasher looks like an aqaurium~

  2. Gorgeous Monique!

    Every one of your shots would make great wall art. (Too precious, I wouldn't want them hidden away in a book!)


  3. Pictures have the ability to take us there...

    that being said...

    you're them song ought to be

    I'll take you there
    [the Staples Sisters]

    cos you do...

    each and every time.


  4. Lovely photoes, M!. I was just reading about grape must in a new Italian cookbook recently. I understand it sells for a premium but is worth every drop.

  5. Monique, I do believe you live a charmed life!! And it shows in your gorgeous photos. I'm in awe of your photo-taking talent.

  6. Monique, a perfect post. I LOVE the first photo, the detail is wonderful.

    All the photos are lovely. It's sweet of you to share these memories with us.

  7. Mad for figs! Have been scouring the markets all in vain. This has me ramping up the hunt & adding Mout De Raisin to the list. Bless you!!!

  8.'ve wowed me..
    Figs are photogenic..Like Lassie:)'s more reasonable than a good bottle of balsamic that's for sure..the size of the bottle on my photo was ap $10.00..
    And you drizzle.
    I couldn't resist.
    Thank you for your very nice comments..

  9. Always BEAU coming to your blog, M. Super post!

  10. What a great post. The pictures are gorgeous.