Friday, February 6, 2009

Mary Moments~

One of the reasons we blog and surf is to be your your the the garden.
A virtual classroom.
Over the past few years a few people have inspired me in many ways.I talk about them at my table with my family:)
So they are REAL:)Some I have even met!
One girl,who inspires many is Mary..
I like to package as you know and a while back she showed us how SHE packages small treats..cookies etc..
I recently bought a few vintage teacups I may be able to part with for just this reason:)

I love her idea.. way better than a plate or a me..

Vintage teacups are easy to find..
I could never part with my mother's~But found ones?
Good idea with Valentine's Day coming up..
P.S. in my "Find" I found one with MOTHER in the cup..Happy me.


  1. Your teacup packages are so beautiful, Monique. Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive such a special present!

  2. M, those turned out gorgeous..what did we ever do before there was wire ribbon! Oh yeah, we usually had to redo it three times before it lookd good !!

  3. How pretty, Monique...and yes, who wouldn't love to receive that as a gift!
    I should keep that in mind when I go to a thrift pretty!

  4. Monique, BEAU, always! You may be inspired, but you too do your share of inspiring with your magic ways. These are just lovely.

  5. Monique, gorgeous photos and fabulous post ....

    The entire post has an "angelic" and "heavenly" feel.

    So pretty.

  6. I love the idea of using vintage tea cups, filled with home-baked treasures to give as gifts. Beautiful, as always, Monique!

  7. Dear Monique,

    I found you through lovely Jain's blog. I used to follow both of you for gardening tips and WFD at Garden Buddies! Your garden is just absolutely beautiful. I haven't been to GB for a little while and I am so glad that you decided to start blogging. You are such an inspiration too! I love the idea of the tea cup for a sweet Valentine's Day gift. Thank you for all that you share! I am off to read more of your lovely posts!


  8. They remind me of your beautifully lit glass Christmas blocks wrapped in ribbon - glowing with wonderful light.

    Whoever receives these will be delighted!

  9. Well thanks for your comments:)..but it's Mary's idea as you know:)
    I was able to purchase 6 pretty cups recently and they were bought w/ Mary's idea in mind:)
    They are so much fun to do.

  10. Monique, your gifts are as beautiful as you.


  11. Very lovely Monique :-) With your special touch, a cheery and thoughtful gift.

  12. They are beautiful gifts and your recipients are lucky to have you in their lives. These were in one of my 1956 magazines as well, so the idea has been around for a while.

  13. They are beautiful little packages Monique. Gorgeous ribbon!

  14. Beautiful Monique, they look magical. You captured it perfectly, too.

    I'm so flattered, thank you. xo~m. :)

  15. How beautiful...what a lovely gift to receive!