Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Husband's Pizza~

Did I ever mention it is my favorite?
I had great pizzas in Italy.Rome..Venice..Tuscany and Umbria..:)(Memories..!)

And I had great pizzas at a friend's home..home made..but none top J's!

Mine had slow cooked cherry tomatoes w/ basil and garlic.. some home grilled red peppers..

J's is in the background w/ anchovies and olives..

Fresh basil is the added touch:)

Forget about Men In Trees..I love Men In The Kitchen~


  1. Lucky you! Beautiful pizzas, talented J ~ *sigh* I would be so very happy with either variety.

    Gorgeous pictures (always), Ms. Magical!

    Is that first one a painting? It's beau!

  2. MMMM...love pizza, and J's looks so good..
    Lucky you!

  3. Oh, Monique, so lucky to have a man in the kitchen! J's pizzas always look delicious!

  4. I love seeing J's pizza ... just gorgeous. That fresh basil just pops!

    I like how you eat yours and John would prefer J's.

    Beautiful post....

  5. Wow, I would take yours too! I wish I had a man in the kitchen :-) Beautiful pizzas!

  6. I just ran across you blog today... love! your husbands pizza sounds delish... I can't find it on your blog. Is there any way I can twist your arm for the recipe... :)

  7. A man that can cook a pizza....that's my kind of guy...