Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter~

It was so much fun getting ready for today..

The Easter Bunny came and left eggs throughout the yard and Secret Garden..
The highlight for me was watching them gather the was too small:) but 4 were ready and able:)

Lulu never leaves Giulianna and Adamo's side:) It's too cute..

Max still needs some help getting through obstacles:)

I am sure Lulu is running after Giulianna right now..or Adamo:)

It was FREEZING here today..and the sun only shone later:( But it was still fun to watch the children run through the paths and gather the eggs..

Inside they were warmer and they could relax..
A went to a football practice(Imagine!)..and Noah tried out the chair grandad made for him..

Max every every egg he could find:)

I am so very lucky to have all these chubby little fingers to kiss..

Hmm..this is supposed to be about food!!


I want to share a highlight.. The menu was simple..

Basically ham and baked beans..and potato salad..and Jacque's prosciutto and melon(a big hit!)..Jain's adorable little Pillsbury Carrot rolls..

France's escargots yet again..

But I made a salad I found at TS.. Have you seen and loved Carina's posts? She is from Russia I believe and I cannot translate all her gorgeously photoed recipes..but this one the Translator worked well enough..

Her melon salad?

Oh c'est bon!

Basically..I used baby spinach..arugula..and mixed greens..w/ a balsamic, honey, oil vinaigrette.. you top it it seedless watermelon rounds..some kalamata olives, red onion rings.. and Feta that you have marinated in red peppercorns..balsamic,oil and herbs of your choice.
This is a refreshing keeper salad..I just said my version..lots was lost in translation..but you can't go wrong..Her photos are Superb..go see.
A gem site.Wish I spoke Russian !
The hot bean pot is one I make regularly and maybe my family is tiring of it?:)

I can't blame them..since 94!

Potato salad is my downfall..loads of eegs.. dill ..dill pickles.. radishes.. Hellman's..spring green onions.. Yes my downfall.

Dessert was Carrot cake..

Everyone loves this cake and the kids eat the icing last..that's a good thing!

I knew the younger ones would like something lighter..and I love Bakerella's site..last night these popped out at me and I knew I could make them in a second:)

Done ..done and gone in a heartbeat!

I named them that..don't blame Bakerella..what a fabulous site..have you seen it?Next year I want to make her baskets..

All in all I had a ball..But now my carriage is turning into a pumpkin!

Until next year!


  1. over the top, carrot top! i will comment with done drinking~ and no, not more champagne!

  2. What a difference indeed...I love seeing the joy the grandchildren bring to your life.

    Happy Easter to you my friend.

  3. Wonderful post and loved the photos of the Easter egg hunt and what a fun time for your Grandchildren.

    Happy Easter

  4. What a lovely way to spend your Easter weekend!!! I can't wait for grandbabies!!! Noah looks so adorable sitting on his chair with his little sweet!!!

    Have a wonderful Easter!!!

  5. Once again, a lovely post, Monique. What cookbook is the Hot Bean Pot from? The pages look so familiar!

    Everything looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing your photos. I do love them so!

  6. My carriage turned into a pumpkin a couple of birthday parties ago :) I love the Easter egg hunt and no snow banks this year! Those precious little boy fingers made my heart skip a beat :)

  7. Nice to see the personal moments with your grandbabies. I can see it was a very Happy Easter at your place! I think the beans look great :-) Thanks for sharing.

  8. You and your family are truly blessed...and oh, those chubby toddler hands searching for the candy bring such happy thoughts!

  9. What a wonderful Easter Day for your family! The Easter egg hunt sounds like fun and the menu sounds very kid-friendly. Such a fun and special time ...

  10. my dear faithful follower nana,
    the water melon salad... c'est merveilleuse. I will sonn reinterpret. have a nice day.

  11. Anja..I enjoy seeing your part of the world!I learn so much here!I hope the translator works for you..

    Cynthia I am certain you had a great Easter also..I will go peek:)

    Susan...I am certain that very soon I will see little pink fingers w/ the tiniest fingernails on your blog!Then Chubby happens:)I look forward to that day!
    Thanks everyone..a touch more personal than usual..but my girls do peek :)

  12. M, loved this post from top to bottom! Another special day with Nana! You are making the best memories for them!

  13. Je découvre ton blog et il me plait beaucoup. A bientôt.

  14. how did I miss this? did I miss this? noway.....merde!

    I loved every single syllable every single inch of ever photograph.
    You got me lost this morning in a good way.


  15. That was seeing the little ones!

  16. I make something very similar to that - it is called Party Beans. Its on my blog. I was wondering when your says green beans- does that mean string beans or something like hericot vert? Mine uses Lima beans. I was just curious. Same with yellow beans- what do you use for that?